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  1. Fraud Alert!!!!

    Good afternoon Sturmgewehr.com, New member to the forums (Sunday), I posted a reply to the add linked below: Barely half-a-day later, I received a message from user "hoverfit" letting me know he had the same for $100.00 shipped, via PayPal F&F of course! After reviewing his info, (country was listed as Canada, info says Chocowinity, NC 27817) and asking for his e-mail, "zoocityarmoryy@gmail.com" (to further determine whether this was in fact the scam it smelled like) it was just that. The e-mail he posted was very similar to the domain of an actual gun business called Zoo City Armory, located in Graham, NC 27253; about 160 miles from Chocowinity - www.zoocityarmory.com I reached out to Zoo City Armory to give them the heads up and verified what I already thought to be true above. I also contacted forum admins here to report the likely scam. Following up, I contacted PayPal and submitted the email address, possible geo-location and his user details on this forum to both "spoof@paypal.com" and "aupviolations@paypal.com" giving them as much detail about the scam as I could. Next, I submitted all of the above to google as well: https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse (due to the use of a gmail address, others should have similar sites, YMMV). I know the above seems like a lot of work, (it was, tracking down links and contact emails was the better part of a couple hours; PayPal and Google make it suspiciously difficult) but this is what needs to be done everytime these vermin poke their heads out. Report it. Report it. Report it. Then report it again and then go tell it from the mountain. Sorry if this comes across as preachy, (not intending too), just hoping something above will help out someone. Thank you for your time, v/r Jason "the most precious of commodities amongst humans, amongst all life; more valuable than gold, more valuable than the food we eat, the water we drink, and nearly as valuable as the very air we breath, is trust."
  2. WTS: M27 / 5.56MM Links in 5,000 piece Lots

    Also interested if still avaliable.