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  1. 07/02 FFL looking to purchase an integrally suppressed Ruger MK II or III. Looking for something with a modern baffle stack and very quiet with subsonic ammo. Prefer on a Form 3. New or Used. Thanks Mark
  2. Uzi 22 long rifle conversions

    Do these work and run well in a SMG with registered receiver (blocking bar removed)?
  3. Is this on a form 3 or 4?
  4. WTB: Nice Thompson SMG Parts Kit

    Looking for a parts kit including barrel and nice wood. Mark
  5. WTB: Genuine German HK MP5 Mags

    Need about 10 German HK MP5 Mags in great working condition. Straight or curved. Thanks Mark
  6. Two AWC Optima 5.56mm Suppressors on Form 3

    PM Sent for one of them.
  7. MAC 10/45 Powder Springs

    Got pics?