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  1. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    New batch, $75 ea shipped. Cash, check, or money order only.
  2. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    My pleasure, tell a friend!
  3. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    Sure do. See private message for paypal address
  4. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    I emailed the link you sent, did it not work?
  5. I live near Fort Carson near Colorado Springs and I always slip a few bucks to my local scrap metal guy for when military brass gets dropped off to be melted down. I get a call in January, "Judah, you should come down here now." I drop everything, pull up in my truck to 4 guys looking into a 55-gallon drum. NICE, I get a grip of brass, right? Wrong. An Army officer is standing there with his arms crossed sort of frowning. I peer into the barrel and see HUNDREDS of crushed Colt M16A1 lower receivers. He said they must be from Vietnam or some other conflict, but all I could do is ask how much he wanted for the barrel. Long story short, he got a down payment for a new vehicle and helped load it in my truck. The top of the barrel had nice stuff, the bottom of it just shards, but I managed to get my metal buddy some work by making these. What do you think? EDIT: Due to being flooded with emails I have listed front and rear sections in the collector forum.Thanks for looking!
  6. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    Yes, I have 3 completed keychains unspoken for from the batch I am picking up on friday. I have several DIY keychain kits as well. PM me your number and Ill text pics of what is available.
  7. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain kit $25

    Thank you for your patience, guys. I picked up these beauts on my lunchbreak while wolfing down some Chick-fila then back to the grind. Tracking has already been sent and I should be able to get these sent tomorrow or monday at the latest. Check out my metal mans skills!
  8. Due to demand of front pieces and requests for rear pieces, I am offering rear halves of the Colt M16A1 receivers for $25 each, $5 shipping for one, $8 shipping for up to 4. Buy 5 and get free shipping. Message me with your number and Ill text you close up pics and you can select the ones you want. These are government demils, legal to own, no ffl required. Block them in epoxy for book ends or leave as is for a paperweight like no other.
  9. For the Colt fan that has it all, in less than an hr these vintage Colt M16A1 receiver pieces can be transformed into your own personal work of art. Price is for one Colt M16A1 piece rated in A quality with clear rollmarks, 2 keyrings, and blank dogtag for tracing around the logo for easy cutting and drilling. Grinder, dremel, or file, the outsides can be trimmed to remain the beautiful timeless markings of the machinegun that changed history forever. Supply's are limited. Be the only person at the range with a machinegun keychain. Price for one kit is $28 shipped. Price for 3 is $75 shipped. Another option is to buy a complete one. Considering work and consumable tooling, the price for a completed keychain is $75 each.
  10. Ill take them. Thanks!
  11. Wtb Soumi drums, 3-4

    I need a few Soumi 71 rnd drums dissassembled and sent to Colorado as parts kits. Not looking to break the bank or buy rusted up junk. Looking for 3-4 at the right price. Whatcha got?