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  1. Hi, I'm looking for original 1 piece black walther ppk grips from WWII era, black grips were from late production of wwii. PM with what you have. Thanks
  2. Romanian FPK / PSL and Chinese arsenal SKS

    What’s up with the Ps90 and the Hk there?
  3. Saturday, March 7 @ 3:00 PM Eastern Preview Date & Times: Friday, March 6th 12pm-2pm and Saturday, March 7th 1-3pm. Please Preview!! Travelers Rest, SC Leading Firearm & Military Auction House in South Carolina presents to you this Special Collector's Auction with over 200 Guns and a vast selection of Militaria Link to Auction - https://www.proxibid.com/Poinsett-Auction-Realty-Inc/Collectible-Firearm-Military-Live-Online-Auction/event-catalog/173063?srch=&srchloc=true&ipp=100&sort=0 Guns include - *PREBAN guns such as the Rare Holy Grail Swiss SIG SG 550-1 Sniper Rifle, NIB IMI/AA Model B Uzi Carbine *Modern Top of the line Guns - FN SCAR 17S .308 Rifle w/ Upgrades, SIG SAUER .357 Legion Pistol, DPMS LR-308, & More! *Over 15 different Colts including the Cobra, Border Patrol Mark III, Government Model .38 Super, Stagecoach Carbine, Huntsman, Early Type 1 Pocket Hammerless M1903, M1908 Vest Pocket Pistol, Police Positive & More! *WWI/WWII Military Rifles - One of the Earliest "No Date" Albanian SKS in existence, Multiple M1 Garands, M1 Carbines, CZ-52 Rifle & Pistol, Matching Japanese Nambu Pistol, Mausers, M1903 Springfield, Fully Engraved SVW/45 French Mauser P38, Rare Mod. HP Blank Slide BH Walther P38, & More! *Antique Flintlock and Percussion Muskets including a Ketland & Co. Short Land Pattern Flintlock Brown Bess Musket, First 1814 Model Springfield Standard Issue Army Flintlock Musket, 1860 Tower British Military P1853 Musket, Springfield 1873 Trapdoor Rifle, Springfield Model 1898 Krag Rifle, Exquisite Tranter Double Trigger Percussion Revolver, & More! *Over 50 Shotguns!! Remington, Winchester, Stevens, Ducks Unlimited LTD. ED. in Case, Double Barrels & More! *SEVERAL BEAUTIFUL PROFESSIONALLY ENGRAVED FIREARMS *RARE 1 of 100 1st Frame MBA Rocketeer Mk 1 Model B Gyrojet Rocket Pistol in Box *Over 100 Lots of Militaria from Civil War - Korean War *2 Remarkable Ancient Japanese War Swords Subscribe to mailing list to receive updates on featured firearms coming up! Follow Us on Social Media - IG @poinsett_armory & Facebook @poinsettarmory www.Poinsettarmory.com
  4. WTB HK PSG-1 Sniper Rifle

    Looking for an Hk psg-1 thanks, RJ
  5. WTB Hk SL8-6

    Looking to buy an Hk sl8-6 preferably nib but open to all
  6. WTS Stevens 520-30 US Shotgun

    I’m honestly not 100% sure if it’s origin but there’s no serial numbers on the barrel. Just the one in the bottom of the receiver on the strap behind the trigger guard
  7. Selling this Stevens 520-30 US shotgun has been converted to a bird hunting gun at some point with a 30” barrel - can see vivid markings on the receiver, the p, flaming bomb, “US”, and “Mod 520-30” Would make a great project gun if you can find an original barrel to piece this relic back together. Asking a low price of $350 Ship anywhere in the US or meet locally
  8. AES-10 (not the b) Wooden clubfoot stock, red star 4x20 scope, carry handle, bipod, overall good condition, good shooter, comes with 1 magazine and butt stock cleaning kit will ship to your local FFL dealer or meet locally Asking $1100.00
  9. Selling an original new in the box SPAS 12 Preban shotgun with the matching box, manual, folding shoulder stock, original hook, sling, and tools Box and gun are both in mint condition, still has the wax paper in with it, honestly just can’t find them complete like this. The shotgun could use a replacement Recoil buffer like all of these guns, the recoil buffer dries out after years of storage. They can be found only for as low as $10-15 Will ship to any local FFL Dealer or meet locally if that is an option Asking $3500
  10. WTB: MG34

    Watched One sell this weekend for like $6000, it was a pre-86 dealer sample, unsure if that makes a difference but that seemed cheap.
  11. HK SL8-6 w/acog UNFIRED

  12. WTB Knights G36K Forearm and Iron sight set

    Interested in a Hensoldt dual 3x optic carry handle?
  13. WTK: Value of WW1 Luger

    Your best bet to get the most out of it is to take it to auction. I own an auction house here in South Carolina which am a bit further from you, but I do accept shipment from all over the US. However you may be in range of a place called Gunrunner Online Auctions and they do good work as well. RJ www.Poinsettarmory.com
  14. If you need any help, I own Poinsett Armory, we are the leading firearm & military auction house here in South Carolina and I would be glad to help you move the collection. I could offer you services from auctioning the entire collection and getting the most for each gun and/or items as well as helping to appraise. -RJ
  15. Looking for any and all deactivated “display guns” machine guns from wwi/wwii entertain me with what you have please