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  1. WTS inland 30 cal M1 Paratrooper carbine. All original US GI GUN AND parts. Excellent bore, no pitting.every thing in photo included. $3500 USPS money order plus $25 his. Copy of dealers FFL required.
  2. WTS Steyr Aug manuals and firing pin $100 plus shipping.
  3. Two new finned 9mm barrels 10.5 in in length New with thin fins just like 1921 Thompson guns $200 each Usp money order , I pay HIS. loo
  4. Hi Abacab I have a full auto black stock, stripped, in excellent condition , and a firing pin, simi auto,manual as well full auto manual. All for $ 350. Thanks Pemco.
  5. Hi PM. Thanks for the response . I will contact you if it falls through. PEM

    Ok Joseph . I will hold an ship with the actuator......Thanks PM
  7. Hi Joseph. I will hold for you. Make payment out to: P.E. McClendon, 12 Elkhorn ct, Mills River, N.C . 28759 mi I will pay HIS Are there any other 1921/28 parts or accessories that you looking for? Thanks, Pat.
  8. Selling a pair of NEW, UNFIRED Colt match target .22 cal pistols. Guaranteed new and unfired. I have owned this pair for almost 50 years. Purchased from a gun store in Bedford Ohio. They have been stored in climate controlled facilities since purchased. Sorry I threw away the boxes when I brought them. Stupid in hindsight. Since Colt no longer manufacturs them, they will do nothing but go up in price. The pair including HIS is $4000, Postal money order only
  9. Hello 1921 Joseph. No personal message seen in your response. Reply again if further contact intended. PEMCO34
  10. Hello 1921 Joseph. No personal message seen in your response. Reply again if further contact intended. PEMCO34
  11. 1921 Colt Thompson actuator $900, slight discoloration, no damage to metal ,both ears original not broken or repaired . US POSTAL MONEY ORDER $900 includes HIS PEMCO34
  12. Original. Thompson shot shells ( 18 ) $90 plus HIS , Us postal mo
  13. USMC canvass carrying pouch with 2 XX and one XXX pouch pockets , original military issue. Magazines are in excellent condition with no corrosion or denting. The XXX mag is marked SEYMOUR PRODUCTS and the XX mags, one is blank and one is AUTO ORDINACE CORP. Will not divide. Price is $220 plus shipping . US Postal money order.