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  1. WTS Transferable Vector UZI SMG

    So how many mags (9mm) do you have. What kind are they and are they included in the sale?
  2. I'll take the UZI
  3. I'm interested in the uzi. Is it a registered receiver or registered bolt?
  4. SPF Mac10 eFile

    Is the m10 still available?
  5. M45 on Form 3

    Funds sent on the M16A1. Thanks again.
  6. WTS Colt m16 model 614 on form 4 in NC

    Is this still available? Also is the receiver the Colt grey or black?
  7. WTS: Colt SP1 RR M16 - $18,500

    Will this take a small front takedown pin upper (standard not Colt large hole)?
  8. WTB NFA Colt M16A2 or similar black finish

    Still in the market.
  9. I am looking to purchase a Colt M16 transferrable machinegun. I already have an M16A1 that has the grey park but am looking for one being a Colt M16, M16A1 or M16A2 with a black finish to match modern uppers. I really only need the lower receiver. This is not my first NFA purchase so I am familiar with the process and have my class 3 dealer lined up and ready to go. I also have funds available to make a purchase. What I am is a motivated buyer with experience, a particular want and experience. What I am not is a novice who will waste your time or a desperate buyer willing to pay more than the value of your item. If you are in love with your M16 then please keep it. If you want to sell your M16 then I am your buyer. I follow the sales trends on these and have been doing so for over 20 years. I see what has been listed and stays for sale and I see what sells and what it sells for. I'm not trying to be difficult here I just don't want to waste anyone's time or have anyone waste my time for that matter. Yes, I am new to this forum but I am not new to the firearms industry. I currently own a shop and have an 01 FFL. I look forward to seeing what is out there and hopefully purchasing my next Machinegun.