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  1. Thanks for that, Tony, great info. And looking closely at the picture(s) of the Korean mags in your link (above), the "9mm x 19" inscription - the sole marking on them - on mine seems to match. My only question would be when these Korean mags were first imported, because I know that these couple mags I have recently discovered in a box in my garage have been sitting there for at least 20 - 25 years. Were these Korean mags imported in the early to mid 1990's?
  2. Taylorwso, do you - or anyone on here - know approximately what year date range that H&K made MP5 magazines without date codes?
  3. Well, I tried to attach a picture, didn't work.
  4. Here's one for the H&K Experts..... I just discovered a few MP5 30 rd 9mm mags in a box that had been stashed away for probably 20+ years, and I am curious about their origin and vintage. Some of them look brand new and are marked MKE. My understanding is that these are Turkish mfg. But I also thought that Turkish MKE MP5 mags had plastic followers; the ones I just found stashed away have steel followers. Did earlier vintage MKE MP5 mags have steel followers, but at some point they switched to making the mags with plastic followers? When? Or...??? I'm also wondering if these (presumably "early") MKE MP5 mags - with the steel followers - are just as reliable as the German HK mags? Anyone have experience shooting these in an MP5 (full auto) or HK94 and can comment on their reliability? I also found a few MP5 mags simply marked "9mm x 19", with no date codes, no other markings; and they also have steel followers. All of the German HK MP5 mags I have seen in the past had date codes. Did H&K in Germany ever make MP5 mags without date codes on the mag body? Any ideas from the Experts as to origin and vintage on this one? See pic.
  5. I just submitted my very first eForms transfer, a Form 3 to another FFL/SOT. What is the current expected processing time for these? Do they send you an email when it is complete, or do you have to keeping logging into the system and looking for it? (Does it "pop up" somehow when you log in, and let you know it is done/approved?) I'm new to this eForms stuff, always did it on paper before! Thanks for any info/advice.
  6. WTB Pre-May’s

    What pre-May's are you interested in? You can get some transferables - MAC's, MK760, etc - for less than or close to the same as Pre-May HK's, Uzi's, etc.
  7. Need to replace cracked recoil buffer for an Uzi SMG, and maybe some other small parts. What are the good sources for Uzi replacement parts?
  8. The date date code of my Pre-86 German MP5 is IF, for (I believe) 1985. The bolt is also date coded IF, actually it shows IF 092. Is there any significance to the 092 numbers after the IF? Anyone know what the SP on the bolt means? The bbl is date coded IE 1L. (1984 .... what is the significance of the 1L?) Is it common for a bbl to be date coded the year prior to the receiver? I'm 99.99% sure this is an all original gun, I got it from a PD in 1990, and the original transfer paperwork from H&K to the PD was dated 1985, so they didn't have it long and I doubt they changed anything out. I'm guessing that the H&K armorer at the factory just grabbed a bbl off his rack that was date coded one year prior to the receiver he was working on. Can anyone confirm this was commonplace? (The trigger group also has a [1984?] date code on it of 3IE.)
  9. WTB Pre 86 samples

    I've got several pre-86 Dealer Sample Uzis and HKs that I might be persuaded to part with..... message me what exactly you are interested in.
  10. Clean looking gun. Was it ever re-finished? Looks like it is in much better exterior finish condition than most of the Pre-86 MP5's that came out of PD's years ago.
  11. PM sent, many thanks.
  12. Anybody use a document like this?
  13. Does anyone have a sample Sales Contract or Agreement "template" that they'd care to share? I'm specifically wanting one to use for selling NFA weapons, that lays out both Buyer and Seller expectations, terms, etc. A Word doc that I could modify would be great but I'd be happy to get anything to review. If you have something you are willing to share, please PM me. Many thanks.
  14. Got any spare mags you want to sell?
  15. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    I have a NIB SP89, been sitting in my safe for over 25 years. PM me for info if interested.