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  1. Is the best time to do this at FFL renewal time, assuming the FFL renewal is coming up soon? Is there anything more to it than just checking another box on the renewal form and sending the proper fee?
  2. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    I'm just curious......... looking at Centrifugal Arms post, it has "Form 10" in parentheses. As a general point of discussion, how could any gun that was on a Form 10 at some point in its history, end up being transferred out of a LE agency to an SOT on a Form 5?
  3. WTB: Powder Springs Mac10 45acp

    I have a Powder Springs MAC-10 .45 I might be willing to part with. Message me, if you are still looking.
  4. WTB pre may ds Mini Uzi

    I have a Pre-May Uzi and Mini Uzi, let me know if still interested.
  5. Hi Buddy H........ When I try to reply to a thread/topic, that paperclip and the "Click to choose files" does not appear in the lower left of the box, as your depiction shows. Do I have to be a paid subscriber for that to appear?
  6. Is there a way to attach or insert a picture as a jpg attachment directly from one's computer into a reply to a discussion? (I'm not trying to post an ad.) Because when I try clicking on "insert existing attachment" I get the box that says The page you are trying to access is not available for your account pop up. Or is the only way to do this by from an externally stored location (photobucket, etc) by using the "insert image from URL" button in the Insert Other Media drop-down menu?
  7. WTB: Colt SP1, 1963/1964

    What would be the serial number range you are looking for?
  8. Yeah, BrettBaker, that was a bit of a Senior Moment for me. I'm talking about the original suppressors that came with the late 1970's era Powder Springs .45 cal MAC-10's, they were big(-ish) cans and, IIRC, typically had a black fabric cover. Were those cans made by MAC, or made by someone else and just usually marketed/sold along with the MAC-10 SMG's?
  9. Curious what these are going for, can't find any listed anywhere. Experts, your thoughts?
  10. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    If you are still looking for Pre-May's, message me. It might be time for me to get rid of a couple. (Uzi, HK)