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  1. WTB TOOLS to take down SIONICS cans for MAC's

    Hey Mike, If you are ok with not having the OEM encapsulator tool with the cobray logo, FTF industries sells a remanufactured version of the tool, which is currently on sale. I am not sure if I am allowed to link out to a third party, but this is were I bought mine copy to service my SIONICS cans. Best of luck
  2. WTB: Full Auto PPS-50

    Hello, I am looking for a full auto Bingham PPS-50. I would prefer a registered receiver but would consider a sear gun. Have cash in hand for the right seller. Thanks in advance
  3. Thompson 1928 a22 magazines

    I’ve recently picked up a couple of magazines for a Thompson 1928 A22. While looking at the magazines, I noticed one magazine had a notch cut out in both the front and back while the other only had a notch cut out in the front. Is there a purpose for the second notch or would the magazine with only one notch cut out also function in my firearm? Thanks in advance
  4. WTB: Thompson 1928A3 mags

  5. WTB: Thompson 1928A3 mags

    Looking for the 1928 A22 curved magazines. If you have an extra you want to sell let me know.