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  1. Is there a serial number on the suppressor tube or any other markings? Also on the scope mount can you get detailed photos of that along with the right side? Thanks again!
  2. Do you have a close up picture of the right hand side? Thanks
  3. Question for the group. I have a registered S&H Ruger 10/22 auto sear that is not tied to any firearm but is specifically for the 10/22 trigger pack. Since the PC9 and 10/22 trigger pack is almost identical (mag well and mag release only difference I can see) can the 10/22 auto sear be fitted to the PC9? And if so is there a reputable shop that can do that? Thanks.
  4. Egyptian ammo

    I have a few boxes left from a buy I made back in the 80's. Everyone is spot on about primers, inconsistencies and they are very hot loads. Shooting a sub gun years ago I had a squib then a hot load right behind it. Lucky it only cost me a new barrel. I won't shoot the stuff again so it just sits.
  5. WTS Used Benelli M2 SBS $799

    #2 Fallback if it heads down that path. Thanks!
  6. If the Uzi does not sell with the kits may I put my name in the hat to purchase the .45 conversion kit when available? Thank you.
  7. WTS Transferable Vector UZI SMG

    Quick question. You mention that it is registered as "HR4332" in the "registry". Mine has the same number in the same place. Is there really a "registry" somewhere other than with BATFE?
  8. Colt M16A1 demilled receivers Keychain

    I am interested as well. Still available?
  9. I'll take the 2 coffin mags with loaders then. Sending PM.
  10. Would you be willing to sell a coffin mag loader? Thanks.
  11. Would you take both cases for $500? + Shipping to 20842?
  12. Looking for a good condition Soumi coffin magazine loader. Thanks