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  1. I am interested as well. Still available?
  2. I'll take the 2 coffin mags with loaders then. Sending PM.
  3. Would you be willing to sell a coffin mag loader? Thanks.
  4. Would you take both cases for $500? + Shipping to 20842?
  5. Looking for a good condition Soumi coffin magazine loader. Thanks
  6. WTS: Remington 11-87 Police 12 ga Semi-Auto SBS

    I'll take it. Please PM me a contact number. Thank you. Frank
  7. Lage MAX-31 mk2 Upper - New In Box

    I'll take it. I'll PM you.
  8. REDUCED! M11/9 NIB for Sale

    Long shot but still available? Also what are the first 2 digits of the SN?
  9. WTS: Nice SWD M11/9

    Hello Phil, I sent you an email off line. I am seriously interested in the above item. Best, Frank