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  1. Does Cerakoting a mac 11 hurt its value? If so by about how much? I know you wouldn't want to do it to historically significant guns but I don't think the mac fits into that category.
  2. WTB: CFW A Bolt 9mm

    Looking for a CFW A Bolt 9mm for a SWD M11A1.
  3. So I found a machine gun that I want to buy from someone local to me. How do you typically do the deal? I know to meet in person and check the form 4 to their ID, but do you typically give them 50% down and 50% when the ATF clears the transfer? I know from individual to SOT will take about 4 months but what is to stop the seller from running off with your first payment in the meantime?
  4. I recently purchased a Mac 11 and was intrigued by the Lage uppers available for them. I have been thinking about trying to make a customized upper and finally thought of a design that I believe could work. Although, I am unsure about the legalities of proceeding to prototyping my design. I know you can send your prototype to the FATD division of the ATF but that means I would have to make it first and I don't want to accidentally manufacture a machine gun. Do you need to be a SOT?
  5. Bought an Aklys Defense Pilum 9mm can and my SOT says Aklys took his money and wont send him his order. Tried to get in contact with them and still have had no luck. Just need a 1/2x28 fixed barrel adapter for the pilum can.
  6. I recently purchased my first full auto a SWD M11a1 from a retail gun shop for $8000. I know I paid a premium to buy it from a retail store but was unsure about how to purchase a class III item from another person without getting scammed. How do you know that the gun someone is selling is actually in the registry and how do people usually handle these deals?