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  1. Uzi smg barrels

    PM sent
  2. Uzi smg barrels

    PM sent
  3. M3 Grease Gun rate of fire

    Wouldn't this action compromise the aft end of the receiver shell where the recoil spring rods protrude?
  4. Looking to purchase a DPMS pattern 308 Bolt Carrier Group for my BRN-10 retro AR-10 rifle. Please advise with condition and cost. Thank you.
  5. Pepsi ..... anyone ????

    Wow , that’s pretty ingenious. Great idea.
  6. WTB Lanchester End Cap and Trigger Group

    Sir, May have what your looking for. Will check this evening. Thanks,
  7. Thompson 1928 barrel with cutts compensator

    PM sent
  8. Looking for a MG15/ST61 shoulder stock assembly , original or reproduction. Please contact with cost and condition. Thank you.
  9. WTB: MG15 parts kit/set - complete

    WTB: MG15 parts kit/set - must be complete. Prefer air-cooled version but will entertain water-cooled. Please reply with condition and cost. Thank you
  10. WTB MG08/15 LOCK, fire control group and Fuse Cover

    Please check your messages
  11. WTS: WWII German Train/Rail Eagle 27X15"

    Any markings on the backside ?
  12. WTB Original MG08 15 Plate Transferable

    PM sent.
  13. WTS: Bushmaster Parts Kits $450

    PM sent.
  14. WTB: MG 08/15 Lock Assembly

    Sent pics to your private mail.
  15. WTB: Grease Gun Parts

    PM sent