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  1. My brother is an attorney, and I talked to him about this. Most of his courtroom experience is in the medical malpractice field, but he says that a lawsuit against a federal government agency, especially if it's not a class action, is bound to fail. I think that getting an attorney will probably cost me more than what I stand to get out of it unless they're essentially working for free. I'll write some more on this below. Mike Todd's reply is right in line with my experience here. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but this is the first machine gun transfer I've ever dealt with. Hi David, Sorry for the extremely slow reply. I've been out of the country due to the pandemic, and I just haven't had a chance to keep up with other important matters. To give you a bit more info, after I purchased the gun it sat with a trusted 01/03 for a couple years while I was away. It was on the form 3 between the seller and the SOT that the restriction appeared. Neither I nor the SOT picked up on the restriction. I tried to sell it when I ETSed rather than having it transferred to me, which is when the restriction came to light. At that point, I had the gun transferred to my company, which is an 07/03. I do think it's registered correctly to my SOT, but this is my first machine gun so I'm not 100% sure. The previous transfer paperwork the seller gave me didn't have any restrictions listed on it. But it also made reference to an H&K transferrable sear, so clearly whoever processed it wasn't worth their salt. My young, dumb prior self didn't pick up on that red flag before I bought it. Looking back on it, I can't believe how trusting I was! The seller lives in Bahama, North Carolina. Could I maybe speak with your wife about what legal action I can take? It seems to me like having a lawyer that is close to the action, and that is already familiar with NFA matters might help. Are you an 18D? Just a guess based on your username. Thank you for what you do. I was a 15T and spent some time attached to a medevac unit as a mechanic, but never flew for them. I have a buddy that's currently training as an 18D at Ft. Bragg, but I don't know if he's been assigned to a group yet. Solid dude. Thanks a lot for your input on this, Steve All duly noted in case I ever buy another Thompson. I plan to keep this one indefinitely, but most of this seems applicable to others too. Thank you for your advice! Fortunately I already had an 07 when this issue came to light. I went ahead an paid the SOT and took possession of it after that. Thank you for the heads up though! Fortunately I possess it legally since I'm an 07/03. Hopefully it can get sorted out though... Unfortunately I don't know much about this. I had been told to check the previous transfer form for red print in the restrictions box, but there was nothing there until it was transferred to the 01/03 that was holding it for me. I'd defer to the members here that haven't gotten themselves screwed out of $10k for advice on this, haha. Thanks to all for the very valuable replies!
  2. Thanks for the input. I sure would hate to have him contact my attorney general here in MA... She's an activist progressive, and even though the gun is not in the state, and I'm an 07 FFL with SOT, she'd quite happily send a SWAT team to kick my door in on a no-knock warrant. That would probably end very badly for me. If I didn't get shot, I'd probably get charged with unsafe storage or some other bogus charge that get all my guns confiscated. Can't wait to leave this damned place. 3 more years... It's a USGI M1 Thompson. Not in particularly good shape. I paid $20k in late 2016 and I think it's worth somewhere around $10-11k now. Maybe I'll have my attorney send him a letter. If that doesn't work, I might try writing his AG. I think he's in NC, but I'm not sure. Thanks for the input guys.
  3. Thanks for the reply and for the well wishes. Is it criminal just because it was a fraudulent sale, or is there more to it? Fingers crossed I'll get some pointers on attorneys I can speak with! Steve
  4. Should this be an NFA lawyer, or can I use anyone? Thanks, Steve
  5. Hey guys, I joined the Army a few years ago and decided to sell my stock market investments and buy a machine gun with the money before I shipped to Basic. I believed it would be a safe way to protect my savings, since I'd go significant periods without being able to manage my stock portfolio. The gun was sold to me as fully transferrable, and I paid the market rate for a fully transferrable gun of its type. I finished my contract with the Army recently and went to sell the gun to start a gunsmithing business. I got my FFL, but when I went to sell the gun, the ATF said it's restricted. Although the initial transfer to me had no restriction on it, they found that it was imported in the early 80s, and that it's a pre-86 dealer sample. The guy I bought it from initially offered to help make things right, but has stopped replying to my emails. I need some recommendations on a good NFA attorney. I have pretty extensive documentation in the form of emails. The seller disclosed in writing that he had purchased it as a dealer sample a long time ago, but that the restriction disappeared when he bought the gun back some years later from the friend he sold it to. He did not disclose this to me when he initially sold it to me. Anyway, any pointers to a knowledgeable attorney would be highly appreciated. Thank you, Steve
  6. Hello, I am a long-time lurker and first-time seller of an NFA item. I have an AO Bridgeport Thompson M1 overstamped A1 that I'd like to list, but I don't see that option on the market board. I looked for a rules sticky, but didn't see that either. Do you guys know how many posts one needs to have, or what else one needs to do to be able to list something for sale? Thanks! Steve