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  1. This person attempted to scam me re: a Bridgeport 1928. Has a history on other sites of the same. Surgery, cancer etc. Clearwater, FL area. He would not provide serial #. Wanted 50% deposit before inspection. Texted "copies" of pictures. What an eye opener! Fish
  2. Scammer 727-286-2507!!

    I'm not sure I put this on the correct area... If not please forward to the best spot to alert as many people as possible. Thx Fish
  3. This person responded to a STUPID post I made which included my phone #. Claimed surgery for cancer forced sale of 1928 Thompson. I asked for serial # and pics and he clammed up.Further investigation revealed other scam alerts on other gun, hunting forums. Phone registers to S**** **** in Clearwater, FL Fish
  4. Could you Pm me. I am interested. 912-661-3579 Thanks, Fish