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  1. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Are any of the MG 34s available? If so, are there any accessories available or included?
  2. Price range for MG 34

    So it seems the availability of good quality ammo is one of the factors that affects their ability to run well. What about reloading your own ammo? Assuming you have good quality control and good equipment to reload with? I will start looking around for the 8mm mauser ammo. is there much made in the US and does it function well, or do you have to find good quality surplus from overseas?
  3. Price range for MG 34

    Guys, thanks for the information. I will keep looking. i have seen a few DS around, and maybe one or two transferables, but its been pretty scarce. How many bolts do you typically keep around. I heard you need 2 or 3 or more? Any other spare parts it would be good to have around. If the gun is in good shape, how reliable should it function? Thanks M
  4. Price range for MG 34

    Have been looking around for an MG 34 (FA not Semi) but have not seen many transferable and or C&R available. What price are these bringing these days. Is there anything to be aware of when looking at one? I have seen several Pre-May Dealer Samples, and was also wondering about prices for those. Appreciate your information? M
  5. Pre May Dealer Sample in an LLC with FFLSOT

    Thanks for the information! M Hawley
  6. Steve, hope you are able to work out your dilemma. This has been very informative. I have only had experience with Form 4 transfers. So, how do you tell if a gun on a Form 3 is transferable to a civilian on a Form 4? Is there some reference or red letter notation regarding the transfer of the gun being restricted in the Approved box at the bottom of the Form 3 ? Is there some other notation on the Form 3 that the gun is a Dealer Sample or the transfer is restricted somehow ? Along these lines, is there a way of determining when a foreign machinegun was imported so as to differentiate it from being transferable on a Form 4 vs a PreMay DS Keeper vs Post 86 DS requiring a Law Letter? Thanks M Hawley
  7. Pre May Dealer Sample in an LLC with FFLSOT

    Thanks for the reply. I had looked through the NFA Handbook, but must have overlooked that section. I will go back and review again. Many thanks. M.
  8. Does anyone have experience with a PreMay Dealer Sample owned by an LLC that is licensed as an FFL and SOT. As I understand, an individual, who is a sole proprietor, and also is an FFL SOT owns a PreMay DS, and later lets the SOT and the FFL go, the individual can keep the PreMay DS as long as he is alive. But if the dies, the PreMay DS must then be transferred to another FFL SOT, or the Government or Military. If the dealer is an LLC (Limited Liability Company), and is registered as the FFL and SOT, and owns a PreMay DS, later drops the SOT and FFL, what would happen to the PreMay DS. Would the LLC be able to keep the PreMay DS, even though it was not an FFL with SOT, as long as the LLC remained active? This would seem to be the same case as the individual sole proprietor, except the LLC is an entity, and not a person. And in theory, the LLC could go on indefinitely.