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  1. New in Box, and on a Form 3. Direct thread model, which I like over Compact Brake just for appearance sake when the suppressor is not on the rifle...? 9.7 ounces which is a great weight for hunters..... Also a favorite of precision shooters. https://thunderbeastarms.com/products/ultra-7 for all the specs. This one is .30 cal, direct thread, 5/8-24, black. $995 and ready for Form 3 efile to your FFL SOT. Email Ron.burgy@coloradoclass3.com PM, or call my cell 303-918-6890
  2. WTS UZI RR on Form 3

    SPF Sold Pending Funds
  3. WTS UZI RR on Form 3

    Give someone a very Merry Christmas!!! Or Happy Hannukah……Currently on a Form 3, ready for efile to your dealer. Take this Suppressed Uzi, with a Silencerco Omega 9K (shown in the pix) or Omega 45K your choice. Or buy just the Uzi…. This one owner IMI Uzi Model A, imported by Action Arms, was converted by RPB INDUSTRIES in Atlanta, and transferred to the original owner in December 1983 where it remained as a Safe Queen. Headed to the range for a test fire to insure it shoots……not all conversions are created equal……. This Uzi runs great!! 4 mags through with no jams. Videos available upon request, and a live range test fire is an option here in Denver, Colorado. Included is the original box, manuals, mag loader, sling, six 25 round mags, two 32 round mags, and one 40 round mag. Price with the Omega Suppressor and barrel mount is $11,727. All tax stamps and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Price without the suppressor is $10,999 50/50 % payment terms are available, but understand the Form 3 will clear in under 7 days. Questions, need for additional info, pictures, videos, drop an email to ron.burgy@coloradoclass3.com or call 303-918-6890 (Mountain time zone)
  4. WTS HK94 9mm Carbine

    Price lowered to $4750 effective 12/8/17 Havent figured out how to edit my ad on this board........
  5. WTS Stengun Ordco

    $6800 OBO. Sten gun by Ordco. World War II markings on the magazine well are STEN MARK II LONG BRANCH 1943. Had out to the range for test fire. Runs like a champ with full power military ammo. Video available. Barrel on the gun is for a suppressor, and we are trying to figure out which suppressor mount it is for (No suppressor included). Pretty much a safe queen these past 10 years. You can't say Sten's are pretty, but are fun to shoot. Plenty of parts available, and a great entry level gun into the Class III world. Comes with soft case, four 30 round mags, mag loader, and two extra barrels. Form 4 in Colorado, ready to transfer to your dealer. Buyer is responsible for all tax stamps and shipping. Shipping will be insured and signature required.
  6. WTS HK94 9mm Carbine

    Pre ban HK 94 German made in pristine condition. Includes second collapsible stock and two mags. $5500 OBO Fired very little as shown by pix, email for a complete set of pix. Located in Denver, ready to ship.