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  1. Romanian FPK / PSL and Chinese arsenal SKS

    PS 90 sold. the HK 91 I am not in a hurry to sell as it has all date coded matching components. Bolt carrier, bolt head, stock, forearm, receiver all IB. Took a while to assemble all of them as factory guns had a mismash of date codes. I had listed it at one time for around $2900.
  2. I have the following 3 available: 1 100% original Romanian import by TGI imports of Tennessee, FPK. 1 x 10 rd mag, original manual, Russian made side mount scope Asking $1400 o.b.o 1 x Jianshe manufactured Chinese arsenal SKS. All matching serial numbers (stock, trigger group, bolt, mag assembly ,upper receiver, lower receiver) Correct spike type bayonet 1 x DPMS 6.8 mm AR with upgraded grip, sites, and tactical forearm 1 x 25rd mag
  3. Remaining rifles for sale

    Yes I have them.
  4. Remaining rifles for sale

    I have the following left for sale: 1 TGI Imports PSL / FPK Dragunov style 7.62 x 54r Romanian made, factory muzzle break, Russian scope, 1 x 10 rd mag, manual $1750 1 AR 57 tactical rails, 1 50rd FN mag, MI flip front and rear sites, collpasing stock, Hogue grip, lower is Rock River arms AR lower. $1050 Out of production 1 Armory USA AK 74 excellent wood stock, 1 x 30rd mag $950 1 HK 91 IB date code, claw mount tactical scope, factory wide forearm with integrated bipod, armourer installed paddle mag release $2800 Parts: 1 FN FAL lower 3 position. $190 HK push pin trigger packs: 1x 9mm ambi 3 position, 1 x .40SW ESL 3 position ambi, 1 x HK53 (5.56 mm short ejector lever) 3 position ambi or 3 position. $350 each
  5. I have the following left: 1 FN FAL FA lower complete. Used in good conidtion. Shows signs of storage wear. $250 1 new unused G 36 4 position trigger pack $175 1 UMP semi lower for use with a USC made of combination of US and German parts. Allows for use of standard UMP 25 rd .45 mags with USC. Taken off of a conversion that was used for another project. 4 position pictogram lower but only selects Safe and single shot. $250 Feel free to make a reasonable offer for some or all.
  6. Selling part of my collection

    Sorry, sold it already.
  7. Selling part of my collection

    PS90 Sold FPK sale pending AUG A2 sale pending
  8. I have one left, unused Steyr olive green LMG stock with complete bolt group and trigger pack complete. $500 O.B.O.
  9. I have closed my HK build operations and have about 20 different trigger packs available: PLEASE NOTE: ALL NFA rules apply when using these. Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all. Note also type of grip frame included in listing. Here is what I have left Trigger packs: 1 x 9mm 3 position ESL ambi navy pack, currently set up in an HK MP5K grip frame $650 1 x HK .40 S&W factory correct 3 position trigger pack (set up in a ergo SEF clipped and pinned grip frame) $450 1 x HK G3 / 91 3 position ESL ambi back set up in clipped and pinned navy grip frame double tang $700 1 X HK G3 / 91 factory new SEF pack in factory navy grip frame $130 1 x HK 93/33 3 position trigger pack with spare .308 ejector lever not in a grip frame $120 1 x HK 3 position ambi trigger pack in .308, set up with a 4 position grip frame, but with safe and semi selector switch only $700 1 x HK 3 position SEF trigger pack $120 1 x HK semi (SF) trigger pack with factory correct HK 53 ejector lever (not in grip frame) $180 1 x HK sear ready SEF trigger pack for registered sears set up in .40 SW $350 HK grip frames: Factory steel SP89 (pre 1989 in black) in new condition ( was a take off from a customer MP5K PDW build) $150 Factory steel HK93 (pre 1988 in black) in new condition (was a take off from a customer HK 33k build) $150
  10. Selling part of my collection

    Reluctantly I am parting with part of my collection. Feel free to make an offer for part or all as well as individual items. Prices listed are what I'd like to get close to. Please ask any questions. Pennsylvania local pick up in the Dillsburg area. Shipping FFL to FFL only, actual cost. Rare genuine Stery Aug A2 with all 3 barrels (16in, 18in, and 23in machine gun barrel) Factory black stock (not cheap aftermarket) $5800 FN PS90 with 2 50rd magazines $1250 Norinco number matching SKS with NCS scope mount, folding spike bayonet $650 Yugo M59/66 SKS $500 Armory USA AK74 build with one 30rd mag excellent wood "Krinkov" style flash hider $950 Armory USA AK74 build with one 30rd mag sidefolder AK74 flash hider $950 Romarms Wasr 10 with ugrades grips, AK74 flash hider, NCS Scope and mount, 1 30rd mag, polymer furniture $950 Romarms FPK Dragunov style 7.62 x 54r, 1 x 10rd mag Russian scope mount and scope $1700 test fired only HK 91 IB dated coded matching furniture, HK four prong flash hider, integrated bipod on wide forearm, factory bayonet receiver (gas tube end), paddle mag release, claw mount with ATN scope $2500 Vector Arms RPD 1 x 100 round drum , built on nice Polish kit with good wood furniture. $3100 Mosin Nagant M44 with cleaning rod and side folding bayonet 7.62 x 54r nice wood with some handling wear on one side. $450 Czech VZ58 side folder with bakelite furniture 1 x 30rd mag $800 DPMS AR 6.8mm special. 1 x 25 rd mag upgrades flip up rear site railed upper. $1100 Rock River Arms 5.7mm x 28 upper 2 50rd magazines flip front and rear sites (demonstrator for 5.7mm FN for LE carbines) $1300 Argentine 1891 Mauser manufactured in Berlin by Ludwig Leowe Co. Stock replaced with aftermarket wooden hunting stock. Minor surface abrasions. $150