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  1. Anybody got a Daewoo K2?

    Good to hear. I know they are resilient rifles (much more so than another distant relative - the Robinson M96). Still good to have a source of spares if ever needed.
  2. Anybody got a Daewoo K2?

    Howdy Sturmgewehr! Been interested in picking up a Daewoo for a long time. Always loved how they shot and felt in hand, and I am finally in a financial position to purchase a semi auto one, should I be able to find it. I just had a few questions about parts availability. Firstly, whats the current Daewoo parts situation? I've been lurking these boards for a few years despite just joining and I seem to remember someone selling off a whole lot of Daewoo parts a while back. Did they ever end up for sale anywhere? Are there other sites that sell Daewoo parts? Secondly, I'd like one of those ACE 922r kits with the stock and grip, are they still available anywhere? My usual search yielded no immediate results, am I SOL? Alternatively, I know you can still get ACE stocks, and their Daewoo adapter, what's the closest combo to the kit that you can currently get? Appreciate it!
  3. New Jersey is easily my least favorite thing about living in PA.