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  1. I sold my MGG34s etc. Have mass quantities 8mm Mauser (7.92

    Hello, sent email but no response on the ZB37 belts. Need 2-3 if available. Thanks
  2. WTB Italian MG/SMG Parts kits

    I don't have any parts kits but I think I have a spare M37 Breda barrel and do know for sure I have one extra transit chest for the Breda M37.
  3. Semi M2HB or parts kit

    Not a bump but "maguzi" responded via PM representing Hyatt gun shop in NC. Called the store and they confirmed "Richard" is not affiliated with the store at all. Potential scam account.
  4. Semi M2HB or parts kit

    Hello - looking for a M2HB parts kit preferred. Will consider a built M2. Don't want a QCB option. Thanks
  5. money sent. Please send tracking info
  6. Are there serial number ranges where this will not fit? I have a very early stainless and other aftermarket stocks don't seem to fit. Otherwise I'll take it.
  7. Sincere Q here. What kind of projectile / inert round can used with these Thanks
  8. WTS: Plainfield M2 Carbine Full Auto $8200 F4

    Sent an email. I am 10 miles from you would like to see it.