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  1. please respond to 2x PMs
  2. M2HB, M63, M3

    BTT Will negotiate on the price some but not separate the stuff.
  3. DT(M) and RP46

    RP46 is sold pending funds. The DT(M)s are still available and just as rare as the RP46. Be Thankful and pick one up!
  4. M2HB, M63, M3

    about 1000 rounds of ammo, APIT, API, ball and AP plus some dummys. M63 AA tripod mount, all there and with ammo can basket. Ground mount tripod AA attachment intact with ammo can basket as well (not beat up), stand upright and shoot. 2 barrels and some misc parts (barrel handle, cleaning kit, springs) not in the pics. I think I have a linker as well. I will meet within a couple hours of STL or crate it for LTL for your pickup / carrier. This is easily 8K worth the stuff. Will not separate it, take it all for $7,500 cash, USPS MO or certified bank check
  5. DT(M) and RP46

    For sale a couple of beauties here. Seldom seen and just right for your collection. Expertly crafted by SMG in Texas DTM - 4 available at $7700 each. Includes hard case, tool kit and 3 x drum mags (63 rnd) The mags will not work on the standard DPM/28 RP46 - 1 available $8700. Includes the conversion, new heavy barrel, sling, tool kit and 1 belt to get you started. These are on GB but they cost more there. USPS MO or certified bank check. If credit card PM for instructions, addl 2% fee applies.
  6. Model 1946s madsen $4800

    Don't need another one. But a bump for extremely reliable FA conversion. Dennis builds nice stuff, caliber conversion takes 15 seconds. The OG when it comes to LMGs.
  7. 7.62x51 vickers conversion

    Dennis Reicke (midwest metal creations) can probably help as well. He builds them in SA.
  8. 303 BRITISH

    PM sent on 30/06 and balance of .303
  9. WTB 81mm M29 mortar Barrel mount

    M60D I have a whole 81mm setup that I was going to sell since I never F1 it. But I want to sell it all, fake cup welded to a nice tube, base plate and bipod. And I think I have 14 rnds for it as well. 12 still in sealed tubes. Can send pics for it all.
  10. Pls disregard my PM. other responsibilities have placed themselves in the front of my addiction.
  11. FS Vickers MG belts

    I'll take them.
  12. Madsen LMG magazines for sale

    PM sent - just need 10
  13. Madsen LMG magazines for sale

    Hello, if they are as nice as the photo then I'd be in for 10 mags as well.
  14. Vickers MG Belts

    check PM please