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  1. MP5SD Pre may dealer sample

    Offer still stands from messages if you’re interested
  2. WTB: Transferable M134 Minigun

    Yeah I think the one I saw was $275k
  3. WTB: Transferable M134 Minigun

    For this gun, it’s pretty much seller’s discretion. I remember seeing one for sale at SAR Show West but I can’t remember the vendor
  4. WTB: Transferable M134 Minigun

    Wondering if there is a transferable m134 for sale at the moment, any leads would be appreciated
  5. M1919a6 FS or Trade

    For sale or trade Ramo 1919a6, registered as a6 on form4. No known Israeli parts on gun, chambered in 30-06. Spare bolt, .30cal a6, 7.62 a4 parts including barrel. Will gladly send pics. $23,000 possible trades pre-86 mp5, walther mpl