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  1. WTB unfinished Sten tube

    Still looking for a registered sten tube.
  2. WTB unfinished Sten tube

    I am looking for an unfinished Sten tube. Have lots of feedback on Gunbroker but nothing here because I just message people when I want to buy something.
  3. WTB: STEN machine gun, FL resident

    Thank you for sharing. I would like to specify I am looking for the Mark II or III configuration.
  4. Prices are fairly stagnant now, I am new to MGs but have bought a few already because I see this moment in time as the best time to buy in recent years, and probably the last time it will be this stagnant. Been tracking prices for years and finally jumped into the market.
  5. Hi all, I am new to the forum and new to collecting MGs. I'm a fairly young guy and as I am just getting into this side of the hobby, I would like to start with more affordable subguns. The Sten has been one of my favorites since I have played shooter video games years ago as a child. I would prefer a C&R gun, but am also interested in a tube gun by a reputable manufacturer such as DLO, Taylor, Pearl, or Wilson.