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  1. WTB 5.45x39 ammo

    Found everything I needed
  2. Hk briefcase sold to me per conversation
  3. Value Of H&K SR9T

    When did these become valuable? I remember no one wanted these post-ban models.
  4. WTB Transferable AK in 7.62

    Looking at all conditions, I am an individual in Florida.
  5. Has anyone shipped a rifle to a FFL in Guam before? Are there restrictions as an individual to do that? I figure if their FFL is in the ATZ EZ Check system and USPS delivers then it is safe to do so?
  6. WTB Krink 5.45 parts

    Found some, looking for more.
  7. WTB Russian EMPTY wooden crate for 7n6

    I do like some of those there, but don't have any dimensions listed on the website. I'd have to call them to find out. But they have a decent amount in stock so that can be a good last resort option. Would prefer the proper wood crate.
  8. Looking for the empty wooden crates because I have a bunch of tins and would like to set them in these original wood crates.
  9. WTB Krink 5.45 parts

  10. WTB Krink 5.45 parts

    Looking for spare parts of the usual areas that get worn and torn down over time. Barrel, bolt and carrier, maybe some of the springs and sears in the receiver.
  11. WTB 5.45x39 ammo

    Picked up some stuff but looking for more.
  12. WTB 5.45x39 ammo

    In South Florida, would prefer local obviously to save on shipping costs. Let me know what you got, I know you hoarders out there have thousands of rounds and probably sold your 5.45 AK already!
  13. WTB 5.45x39 bakelite AK mags

    Looking for the East German and/or Tula ones
  14. WTB Madsen 50 9mm mags

  15. Repost: HK Briefcase on GB

    Ok I figured that may have been the issue...so I left it out this time.