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  1. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    Thompson, founded back in 1916 by John Taliaferro Thompson—inventor of the legendary Tommy Gun. My mother's maiden name is Taliferro as was William Booth Taliaferro, who was a United States Army officer, a lawyer, legislator, Confederate general in the American Civil War, and Grand Master of Masons in Virginia. The Taliaferros (originally Tagliaferro, Italian pronunciation: [ˌtaʎʎaˈfɛrro], which means "ironcutter" in Italian) are one of the early families who settled in Virginia in the 17th century.
  2. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    Magazine Catch Manufacturer: THOMPSON Model: 1928, M1/M1A1 FULL AUTO Product #: 500790C Shipment prohibited outside USA. $50.25 $45.23 Out of Stock
  3. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    As Per NUMRICH GunPartsCorp Posted: January 21, 2020 09:31 AM We no longer have the records from Thompson/Auto Ordnance. Please contact the ATF.
  4. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    Can you tell me if there are any other entries in that book you got the info from that shows Form 10 to an agency? Form 10 - Application for Registration of Firearms Acquired by Certain Governmental Entities (ATF Form 5320.10) 27CFR 479.104 provides for limited registration of otherwise unregistered firearms by certain governmental entities, for official use only. If this application is approved, it is with the condition that the firearm is for "OFFICIAL USE ONLY"
  5. Ithaca Auto Burgler Fan Page

    Alex said 'No Go" .
  6. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    My 21/28 Colt/Savage Thompson Frankenstein SMG won't work with the stick mags that came with the gun. And somewhere I remember reading that there was a G.I. Thompson Mag Catch that would work in a 21 based gun so that "Military " stick mags would work??? How would I identify & differentiate between M1 and 21 mags by looking at them? And was there really such a Mag Catch? My Drum mags work perfectly and lock in solidly.
  7. Reising Question

    HTH, thank you for taking the time to take & provide those measurements. My Gunsmith has some open bench time this week and will take a look. The Reising bolt as magazine feed lip cuts in the underside which seem to mean the magazine should sit when locked in, high enough to ride those cuts. Was there a design chance in magazines between 50's, 55's and 60's?
  8. Ithaca Auto Burgler Fan Page

    I would even settle for a 3D printed grip in this new polycarbonate filament so someone could actually shoot it, and keep the original grip for historical purposes, in their safe. I have contacted Gene DeSantis about making me 3 new original design holsters for them. I think I have the Laser Engraver settings right to burn in the Holster flap lettering. I'll post pics when I have them finished.
  9. Reising Question

    Mr. Todd, we received this from a local village department without mags. I had found a company that had repop's and bought 3. With good ball ammo, it failed to pick up a round after the chambered one was fired, The expended shell did eject but upon closer examination of the magazine feed lips in relation to the underside of the bolt, it appears to be too much of a gap. Do you have a pic of yours from the side showing the gap and possibly the measurement from the top of the cartridge rim to the magazine spine and to the center of the locating Pin hole?
  10. Ithaca Auto Burgler Fan Page
  11. Ithaca Auto Burgler Fan Page

    DeSantis Holster has the patterns for the Horsehide holsters. He doesn't have a way to duplicate the nomenclature on the flap. We've been experimenting with our Laser Engraver to see if we can replicate it. I found a Stock Maker who uses a 3D Scanner for his CAD/CAM process. $1750 each to duplicate the grip with 3 pcs minimum. He'd keep the file. Said the time involved to correct the scan with several fitting to clean up all the inner wood cuts is what the extra time is. Has anyone found a shop that has modern replacements? An awful lot of broken Pistol Grips out there keeping owners from firing these neat little Shotties.
  12. Thompson - 21/28 Question Old Spring Guide and the longer on we made Back of the bolt Pistol Grip Forward Grip
  13. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    "What an interesting gun, I wish it could talk. In my opinion, it appears someone along the way stripped most of the Colt Parts out of this gun and replaced them with WWII vintage 28a1 parts. I can say without doubt, the barrel is a WWII contract 28 barrel, as is the type 4 cutts that's on the gun. The lower is obviously Colt but the parts inside it are not (or at least the ones I can see), selector lever, safety, mag catch. I'm nearly certain the rear sight has been replaced or at a minimum the rivets have. The actuator is for a late model Savage 28a1, the bolt is likely replaced but would need to know if there's any marking on it to help, the recoil spring guide would need checked on the flat that fits up against the receiver for an S marking I would guess is there (as a side note) I don't see a buffer in the pictures, if it's missing it should be replaced before shooting the gun. Lastly the wood... I don't believe the buttstock is Colt because it's missing it's Anchor from Remington that all of them had, just incase it's hard to see in the pictures, pull the butt plate off and see if there's numbers under it, Remington numbered all stocks and butt plates on the underside (similar S/N:s as the guns but they weren't matched to the gun) that would settle that. I can't say on the pistol grip or front grip without more detailed pictures of them. I would think if someone was taking the Colt parts they would have also took the wood, who knows though." Buttstock Wood & Buttplate I can't help notice the Buttplate number has the gun's serial number, last 3 digits inversed The PCPD etched into the wood The Recoil Spring Guide does bear the "S" mark, but it is too short and caused the recoil spring to kink badly. Machined a longer more robust unit and used the Wolff Spring set along with the original buffer. The spring no longer doubles over and it operates smoothly. It now functions flawlessly. I'll get pictures of the bolt.
  14. Thompson - 21/28 Question
  15. Thompson - 21/28 Question

    I make even less a claim to possessing any Colt Thompson knowledge. Port Chester PD is located in Lower Westchester County, a stone's throw from the Connecticut line. It had sat in their basement gun vault for as long as the oldest living cop still working there remembers. Lets just say that after the gun went to Hawkeye Protective Appliance Company (demo) Des Moines, Iowa on 5/1935 (and they were a Thompson Dealer I discovered) , without knowing when it was registered to Port Chester, it leaves a big hole in its history. They had no paperwork on it ( No early Treasury Letter & no later Form 10 and I did check with the Department's Secretary for a Repair Invoice or any mention of it in any Department Weapons Log all the way back to the remaining (post-Fire) records (1963). The 3 Ithaca Auto Burglars came from the same department and Form 5'ed to me just fine. And for Nicaragua, I thought all those were '28's, (which, if I'm reading History right, were all Parkerized). Now, the Port Chester Post Office was hit repeatedly by bad guys back in the late '3o-'4o-'5o's when cash moved between the Manhattan GPO and Boston GPO via the US Mails. US Marines did escort the mail runs through Port Chester which served as a resorting station before being sent up US Route 1 north. This is all speculation on my part.