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  1. Good Afternoon! I'm currently looking for anything 40mm related. It's a niche market and so I figured I'd pitch a "want to buy" post here. I'm looking for subcaliber adapters, 40mm rounds, pretty much anything is up for grabs and if I'm interested very willing to buy. If you happen to know anyone who may have some items available do not hesitate to send them my way! I look forward to hearing from everyone. -Brian
  2. WTB: Transferable Machine Gun

    Reply sent.
  3. WTB: Transferable Machine Gun

    I'm looking for a transferable machine gun. I have cash ready and available as well as my FFL's information should I be offered something I'm willing to pick up. I'm very interested in SWD M11/9s, the .380 if they are the "large mag well" versions, MAC10 in 9mm, Mk760s, etc. Contact me if you are looking for a sale and please provide some basic photos to start, and then the status (on Form 3/4, what state, etc.) I look forward to hearing from anyone! Very Respectfully, Brian