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  1. Sabre Defence SDM M16A4 Rifle Upper

    Appreciate the feedback Brother! This run is all gone fellas, I will be posting an update shortly on additional Sabre options . Thank you
  2. Sabre Defence SDM M16A4 Rifle Upper

    Yes sir , how many are u looking for ?
  3. Sabre Defence SDM M16A4 Rifle Upper

    Yes sir .
  4. These are actual military uppers, removed under ATF supervision > Cage Code 3C4V9 These are not the civilian offered parts, these are directly off full auto lowers . The Barrel is a Sabre Defence 20" 1/7 5.56 Nato barrel. The receiver is a Sabre Defence upper receiver with the CAT & Anchor Harvey stamps on it. Complete with MATECH rear Sight, complete SDI bolt carrier and original stock, buffer, buffer tube and pistol grip . This complete upper is NEW OLD STOCK. $750 for complete upper, bolt carrier, charging handle, butt stock, front grip and pistol grip> discount for multiple