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  1. Fleming .22 Kit Barrel Removal

    I am not able to attach photos unfortunately. I was able to get the barrel removed. Lee
  2. WTB M11/9 .22 Conversion

    Still looking for one of these.
  3. Fleming .22 Kit Barrel Removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the barrel from these kits? I have removed the pin, but the barrel does not want to budge. Is there a chance they were silver soldered after they were threaded or pressed in? It doesn't appear I can attach a photo, but could email one if needed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Lee
  4. WTB M11/9 .22 Conversion

  5. Gun prices dropping and stabilizing

    I think it is partly the industry driving some of that but some falls on opportunistic retailers. I know smaller volume retailers don’t have the buying power of larger chains, but I am seeing $159 a brick for federal champion bulk at a local shop. I can’t imagine .22 is very lucrative for a manufacturer so maybe what we see hitting the shelves is NOS or something and retailers can’t afford to get stuck with inflated inventory. There is a decently large shop I frequented when I lived in Washington that would run a special on SB 115 9mm - 1,000 rounds for $95 out the door. The day after the Sandy Hook shooting, it was $45+tax a box. That isn’t increased replacement stock costs, that is trying to capitalize and hope no one realizes/remembers. It is a business so I am sure some degree of these shenanigans happened once the industry realized it could roll some profits into “global supply chain problems”. It will be nice to see things stabilize because I am starting to run “low” on .22. Lee
  6. WTB M11/9 .22 Conversion

    Looking for a Fleming or Lage conversion kit for an SWD M11/9. Let me know if you have one not getting much use. Thanks in advance.
  7. German HK53A3 Registered Receiver burst pack 27k

    It is a 53. Look closely at the stamping and the 3 that occurs in the SN. Lee
  8. How long does it take the atf to make corrections?

    Depends on the mistake. I ended up with a mistake on an approved Form 1 due to a glitch where the e file digital signature was pulling a different middle initial than what was saved in my profile and when you review and submit, it just says “digitally signed” so I was unable to see the error. I had to have them void the approved form and approve a replacement. Lee
  9. This is good to know. I was transferring some SBRs in addition to the suppressors. When I called the NFA Branch, they said to submit them for the suppressors as well, but it clearly says in the instructions destructive devices, MGs, SBS and SBRs. You learn something new every day. Lee
  10. I am probably overly cautious, but the majority of my stuff is accessible through eforms. For everything. I have it scanned and saved on a flash drive with my house keys in case of fire, theft whatever and as an added backup, all the Form 1s, Form 4a, schedules and trust docs and attorneys contact info are saved in my smartphone email in a folder called “possible problems”. That being said, traveling for matches, public ranges, game enforcement etc... no one has EVER asked to see my paperwork for anything. Ounce of prevention I guess. Lee
  11. Should be a 5320.20 - same as if you are traveling with one. A word of caution, being federal mail, they won’t be forwarded so if you are close to the move date and miss them they might not catch up with you and you will have to refile them like a change of address after you get there. Others may chime in, but that has been my experience moving from state to state as well as an in town move. The forms are pretty straight forward, just know you are limited to 3 items per form so you might be submitting several and use really conservative dates if you are driving or if the exact dates are up in the air. When I moved to AZ, I think my dates were something 40 days apart. Lee
  12. WTS: SWD MAC11/9 with Original and Sidecocker Upper $7200 F4

    I am new to the forum so please bear with the question, but how are you updating the posts price with a different user name? Do you have more than one account? Lee