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  1. WTS: Knight KAC HK Navy Suppressors for sale

    I spoke to Knights and they said:
  2. WTS: Knight KAC HK Navy Suppressors for sale

    What do the baffles look like with end cap strikes like that?
  3. dm-ing.
  4. WTB AM180

    Thanks but given the lack of accessories with that one it's even more pricy than Ruben's which I thought was the tip top of the price range.
  5. WTB AM180

    I'm looking for an am180. Ideally one with a threaded barrel and a B serial number. Thanks!
  6. WTB M60Joe AM180 drum loader

    Does anyone have any additional pictures of the m60joe quick loader? I'm assuming there must be some sort of bottom part to rotate the drum?
  7. Max-10/31 Upper receiver for Mac M-10 45acp Slow fire upper receiver for use with the M-10 SMG. Converts the M-10 45ACP to 9mm and uses 72 round drums and 50 round Suomi M31 9mm magazines. Gently used before 9mm prices went up. Skip the 1 year wait. Comes with 3-lug and bcm grip as pictured. $1250 paypal FF, mo, check w/ wait to clear https://imgur.com/a/cwe2rV0 Will ship to you in orig box if it fits with the grip on.
  8. HK 33 SBR RDTS

    Is this still available
  9. WTB: HK53

    I'm looking for an HK53 to use as a shooter. I don't really want a museum piece but I am willing to pay more for quality and correct parts (ex: correct barrel twist). Thank you.
  10. MP5K SBR by TPM New In Box

    I'll take it.
  11. MP5K SBR by TPM New In Box

    Interested, dm sent.
  12. Hey Andrew the pictures did not attach.
  13. H&K FA Sear with 223 Host

    Is this still available?
  14. Can we get a pic of the bolt etc? How is this registered, is the bar in place?