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  1. WTS: HK SP89, 9mm, Minty Condition

    I will take it.
  2. Machine Guns For Sale

    Sale will not fall through.. Not how I do business. Check is in the mail..
  3. Machine Guns For Sale

    Will take the 3 consecutive M11s per conversation. Thank You
  4. WTS: Valmet M76 .223 preban in the box $3800

    $3500 Shipped
  5. Colt AR15 SP1...1966 Production Collector Grade

    I’ll take it.
  6. WTS: HK-91, 93 and SP5K

    Take HK91!!
  7. WTS Stoner SR-25 Match Rifle Vero Beach

    Will take Per-PM Communication. Thanks
  8. HK P7 Hard Chrome

    2700 send it with my other gun. I’ll have secretary send you a FedEx label eventually. She has been out of office with a family member whom passed away. Thanks.
  9. WTS. Pre May IMI Uzi

    Will take Per PM!! Thank You
  10. WTS. Pre May IMI Uzi

    $7,500.00 You keep the .22 magazines and Ammo??
  11. Powder Springs M10 9mm 7000.00

    6500 my FedEx label?
  12. Great to do business with. 

  13. I’ll take it per PM communication. Thanks