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  1. Do you know if a more traditional M1922 buttstock will fit this gun?
  2. Jason, have you fired this gun? If so, how does it work? Caliber? Thanx.
  3. Greetings. What does " Desert rat tan paint camo, (parkerized with black paint under tan)" mean? Is the base steel parkerized? Thanx.
  4. PlanoPat, I'll take the FNC. I'm in Dallas. Check your messages. Abstruse1 Dallas, TX
  5. Pat, check your messages. Thanx.
  6. Marshall, I have live (registered) WW2 vintage 60mm and 81mm mortars and I've been thinking about selling them. I have many practice projectiles for each. Both shoot fine (what's to break?). If you're seriously interested, I'll start doing market research on values.
  7. Japanese Type 11 transferable $10750

    Can you post photos?
  8. I'm replying in hopes that you've located an MG08 feed block you don't need. I need one. Any luck? Thank you.