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  1. For Sale is my FN FNC Paratrooper with 3 round burst and full auto. Price is $18,000.00 obo. This is a beautiful machine gun and it functions flawlessly. Please email me for any questions or if you want more photos.
  2. For sale is my finest machine gun. This is the rarest of rare when it comes to HK machine Guns. The registered machine gun is the DLO Trigger frame. This is special because it can swap between calibers (9mm, .556 Nato, and .308) and it can be arranged with a variety of different HK burst packs. This machine gun can accept brand new factory internals, so there is no need for a retimed hammer or any work to make the gun run flawlessly. This DLO pack is on an HK53 host. There are only a handful of these in private hands, be the next person to own the best of the best!Price is $55,000.00 Comes with case and 2x 30 round mags.
  3. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    Thank you to everyone that was interested in purchasing my mp5k with DLO pack. The gun has been sold pending funds.
  4. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    As most of you can tell, I am not as knowledgeable as others in here. I am arranging to take gun to facility so I can remove the frame for some pictures. Then that will answer some questions. Thanks
  5. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    This gun runs in 3rd burst perfectly as well as full auto. Dons Gun Shop did the work to put the pack in, he will know what he had to do. (239)334-6779
  6. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    Again, it is what I heard and I would love to actually know. I am not claiming to know nor do I know as much as some of you in this chat. What I do know is that I have something very unique and special for sale.
  7. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    The registered NFA machine gun is that metal frame, not the pack. The DLO frame is now sitting in that 3 round burst pack, but can be switched to another burst pack such as 2 round burst. Doug from DLO had around 30 (could be wrong but this is what I have heard) semi automatic HKs and he pulled those trigger frames out of the semi automatic guns, drilled, stamped, and registered them as machine guns. This is why it takes all new factory internals because the trigger frame is an original HK part. Also, this is one of the strongest parts of the gun and will never break, unlike a sear. This is one of the rarest HK machine guns money can buy.
  8. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    This was done by DGS, he was able to put that DLO SEF pack into the burst trigger with very little machining.Gun runs flawless.
  9. MP5K with DLO Trigger Frame

    I am offering an MP5K with 4 position burst pack with a DLO trigger frame, rolling sear, and all new factory internals. If you are looking for the most sought after and highly collectible HK, look no further. The NFA registered machine gun is the DLO trigger frame, and there are very few of these available. The trigger frame allows for the drop in of all new and updated factory internals, so no retimed hammer and flawless performance of 900 rpm. This gun is a safe queen and the most sought after HK NFA item. The trigger frame can be utilized for any of the three calibers offered for HK machine guns (.223, 9mm, .308). $50,000.00 o/b/o