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  1. WTS: HK MP5 German retractable A3 stocks HK94

    I will take the 3rd one
  2. WTS: HK MP5 German retractable A3 stocks HK94

    Sent message with offer for all 3
  3. For sale is a German WW2 Saw Cut MG42 parts kit. Very nice and complete kit. Comes with phosphate repair section. Here are photos of the kit Asking $3500 shipped obo
  4. For sale is a Saw Cut Russian Lend Lease Thompson M1928A1 Parts kit in original shipping box with accessories. New old stock unissued mint condition Type "L" Bridgeport manufacture drum magazine, seymour mags, original sling, oiler in buttstock, russian thompson tool, original cleaning rod, original manual Asking $3800 shipped for the package. I would separate the drum. SOLD SOLD SOLD Photo Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Here is a link to 40+ photos of the kit
  5. Is this still available? What payment methods do you accept?
  6. WTB WW2 Mg42 Trunnion

    I have a german mg42 trunnion I would sell. Email me at and I will send you some pictures
  7. MG34 German WW2 Kit on an 80% Philadelphia Ordnance Unfinished Receiver. Comes with an original german ww2 sling as well. Asking $5400obo shipped - - SOLD
  8. WTS Colt 6720 lightweight carbine NIB

    Did this sale go through? If not, I am interested
  9. I will take the following: Mg3 7.62x51 Feed Tray with side hanger Bipod in grease Bolt Rail set
  10. Is the bolt a german made hk? Any markings on front of the SEF pack?
  11. Thompson 50 round drums

    Interested. PM coming your way
  12. I'll take the recouperator and the charging handle
  13. For sale is a German WW2 Luftschutz Nazi Beaded Combat Helmet. Photos are of the actual item you will receive. I am asking $250 shipped. I am very new on this forum but I have history and feedback on several other forums and selling venues I will provide for you. (HK Pro, FAL Files, GunBroker, Ebay, etc)