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  1. WTB: MG34 MG42 Parts

    Thank you. If you could send me some photos to I would appreciate it!
  2. For sale is a Beretta AR70/90 Parts Kit Great overall condition of parts Asking $750 each (2 kits available) moo
  3. Not sure what happened when I tried to attach photos to those post. Here is a link to photos
  4. For sale is a khaki color MGZ40 Optic for the MG42 or MG34. Has the dovetail lafette tripod attachment. Very nice condition with clear lense, smooth adjustments, eye cup, and great finish retention. Asking price is $2750 shipped and insured.
  5. Looking to buy any mg34 or mg42 parts. Let me know what you have
  6. WTB: MG34 MG42 Parts

    Yes I am interested. More so in WW2 parts than post war but I am interested in anything
  7. WTB: MG34 MG42 Parts

    Bump to top
  8. I will take 5 of each. I’ll send you a PM
  9. WTB: MG34 MG42 Parts

    I am interested
  10. WTB: MG34 MG42 Parts

    Looking to buy any mg34 or mg42 parts
  11. For sale is an HK 630 .223 Semi Auto Rifle with Original QD Scope Mount Asking $1500 shipped to your FFL.
  12. WTB: Genuine German HK MP5 Mags

    I have 3 straight 30rd magazines, 6 curved 30rd mags, 2 curved 15rd mags, and one set of two 30rd curved mags with the dual mag clamp
  13. WTB Your MG Machine Gun Parts Kits

    I have several MG34 kits and several MG42 kits. One M53 yugo kit.
  14. WTS: HK MP5 German retractable A3 stocks HK94

    I will take the 3rd one