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  1. MG34 German WW2 Kit on an 80% Philadelphia Ordnance Unfinished Receiver. Comes with an original german ww2 sling as well. Asking $5400obo shipped
  2. WTS Colt 6720 lightweight carbine NIB

    Did this sale go through? If not, I am interested
  3. I will take the following: Mg3 7.62x51 Feed Tray with side hanger Bipod in grease Bolt Rail set
  4. Is the bolt a german made hk? Any markings on front of the SEF pack?
  5. Thompson 50 round drums

    Interested. PM coming your way
  6. I'll take the recouperator and the charging handle
  7. For sale is a German WW2 Luftschutz Nazi Beaded Combat Helmet. Photos are of the actual item you will receive. I am asking $250 shipped. I am very new on this forum but I have history and feedback on several other forums and selling venues I will provide for you. (HK Pro, FAL Files, GunBroker, Ebay, etc)
  8. Items $20 and over INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING. If the item is under $20, I ask that you compensate what you believe is a fair shipping price based on item size and weight. I am new to this forum and for this reason I have no feedback or prior sales here. I can and will provide feedback from other online selling venues as I use FAL Files, HK Pro,, GunBroker and Ebay very often and have 100% Positive feedback on all. MGZ40 Optic - $2500 Lafette Tripod (Waffenamt German Nazi Stamps Wartime) - $3000 (I would make a package deal for both the scope and tripod) MG42 Top Covers Stripped - $20 Each MG42 Complete Rheinmetall Top Cover - $80 MG42 Bipods - $60 Each German Nazi Marked Barrel Carrier - $150 German Nazi Marked Barrel Carrier Repainted - $100 MG3 Muzzle Booster and Cone Set - $40 MG42 Muzzle Cone and Booster Set - $80 ( I have two of these one which is not pictured) MG42 Booster - $20 Ejection port assembly - $8 (I have 3 of these) Complete Bakelite Buttstock and buffer - $120 Buffer Lever (NOT PICTURED) - $10 Cocking Handle - $50 Demilled Torch cut sections - $60 Trunnion - $45 German MG42 Trigger Housing Bracket - $75 MG42 Firing Pins (I have two) - $4 each MG42 Ejector Bar (I have two) - $4 each MG3 Sight Rail - $10 MG42 Rheinmetall Stripped Grip Frame - $50 MG42 Complete Grip Trigger Group Assembly - $150 NOT PICTURED: I have an AA Sight for MG42 and an MG3 H&K Made Tripod with Hendsoldt Wetzlar Optic
  9. WTB: Thompson SMG Wood 1928 / M1

    I have 3 sets of the 1928 wood furniture. Several complete buttstock slides and plates. Lots of other 1928 thompson parts as well. I have feedback on other forums but I am new here. I will provide references to feedback elsewhere if you are interested. PM coming your way.
  10. MP5

    I have the HK51 Trigger Pack and the wide handguard. I had the retractable stock but just sold last week. My email is if you are interested in those items. Both German made HK. I am new on this forum and do not have any feedback here but my user name is the same on, FAL Files, and HKPro where I have several feedback and my GunBroker ID is Brock10 over 1000 A+.