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  1. I'm assisting with a collection reduction and one of my customers in Alabama is selling his M1 Thompson submachinegun. The gun is a West Hurley gun formerly owned by Frank Iannamico and is the one pictured on the cover of his book. It's been heavily modified from its original West Hurley form by the following: All internals replaced with USGI parts, to include the barrel, fore-end iron and bolt assembly as well as all the lock-work in the lower receiver. The Bolt is a Savage M1 (not M1A1) so it has the replaceable firing pin that interchanges with the M1928 firing pin. The front sight has been properly pinned, per the originals. The rear sight has been re-riveted with proper steel rivets. The entire gun was parkerized. There is no discernible finish wear since it was parkerized. It is in excellent condition, inside and out. The gun wasn't shot much, but has been fired and works fine. Comes with 13 USGI 30 rd magazines. Shipping and tax payments are negotiable. Asking price is $19.995. I'll be handling the paperwork on our end.
  2. WTB Pre 86 Beretta PM12s

    I am brokering the sale of a collection here in Alabama and the retiring dealer has an excellent (near mint) Pre-Sample Beretta PM12S in the collection. Are you still interested? It is probably on his e-inventory, but he is currently renewing his SOT, so it might take another month before he is ready to e-file. I will be assisting in all the paperwork.
  3. WTB: AM 180

    Are you still interested? The image is a hi-rez so you should be able to zoom in for detail. It is fully transferable and privately owned by a long-time customer in Alabama. I'll assist in all paperwork on this end. Double-transfer tax to an individual would be required, but tax burden is negotiable, as is shipping. It's used, but in excellent condition and works fine. If interested, please respond to me by PM with contact info and I will pass to owner and you can work out the details.