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  1. Pre Sample HK MP5 A2

  2. Pre Sample HK MP5 A2

    This is a perfect running HK MP5 A2. It is in great overall shape. This is a pre 86 dealer sample (keeper). It comes as seen with 1 mag. I am looking to sell it or do part trade part cash/add cash deal. Ready to eFile. $12,900.00 Trades I’m looking for transferables, M16 Uzi RR Mini Uzi Maybe Macs ( 9mm or 380) , Ruger AC556, 10/22 Let me know what you have. Just ready for a new flavor. Feel free to email or text/call Alex- (541)944-4774
  3. KAC SR25 ACC

    Knight Armament SR25 ACC trade pending May trade for a Mac M10 , M11 Or M11a1. Feel free to email or text me- Best, Alex 541-944-4774
  4. WTS: Group Industries HR4332 Uzi SOLD

    I figured it out, message sent