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  1. Oh. I think I'll wait for the online catalog Do you know if there are any transferable, 1mm thick, 556/545-magwell AKM receivers in the registry?
  2. Ah, okay. The markings on this receiver suggested it was a factory-stamped AK74 receiver of some kind, but I guess the original markings were just well-concealed. It seems to me the best way to get a close-as-possible AK74 clone is to start with one of the Polytech AKS223 receivers? That way the magwell is correct, even if the receiver wall thickness is not. Maadi's I've heard are good for the 1mm walls, but the magwells are all cut for 7.62 mags. Are there any transferable receivers that have the 5.56/5.45 magwell *and* 1mm walls? Here is the listing with pics, by the way: The receiver does bear the Romanian Cugir Factory marking, but then, the look of the receiver reminds me of a Maadi. Maybe the spot welds and axis pin stampings give away its origin? The double-hook trigger cut is another clue. How do you know what's in the Morphy May auction? I can't view the catalog yet. Thanks for the info.
  3. I saw a Charles Erb AIMS-74 sell for $20k on Gunspot a week ago. How many of these were built? Were they imported as semi-autos and then converted, or were they built onto US stamped receivers from parts kits? This gun's burst-fire FCG doesn't so much interest me as the transferable AK-74 1mm stamped receiver I presume it's built upon. Does anybody have a transferable MG with such a receiver they'd be willing to part with?