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  1. I have a new in box American Arms Escort .380 pistol. This is a very slim pistol. These are not very common. $300 delivered.
  2. Well, JJ Werner was never 'banned' from Subguns. He was given a brief time-out for breaking the board rules(after he had been warned multiple times apparently). After that brief time-out, he was more than welcome to continue posting on Subguns, but he chose not to return-and that is his prerogative. The sales boards here might have been better quality and had better volume over the years, but since they went to a registration system, the discussion boards became a shadow of their former selves-in both volume and quality, so much so that I stopped even coming here to check them out not long after the board format changed. Up until Frank's recent shutdown of the Subguns boards, the volume and quality of posts and posters on the NFA and Non-NFA discussion boards was probably the best in the C3 world, and I am afraid it might not get back to that level due to Frank's actions...
  3. As much as I love the Albert brothers(and I do-and I miss those guys because neither of them live in Texas anymore...) but calling this the best C3 board on the net when my post trying to help someone find an integral can for his Swedish K was the most recent post-and it was from Wednesday, leads me to believe that the traffic here is even less than the traffic at the new Subguns with the sign-in/log-in requirement, so, I don't know who R.L. is but I imagine he was banned from Subguns at some point or is otherwise butthurt and that is where he is coming from. I would love to come back to where it was 10 years ago from the discussion board standpoint, but I don't see it happening. I hope the sales boards are awesomely successful and Andy and Dave and Buddy actually make some money from what is really a labor of love and was never supposed to be a commercial endeavor...
  4. Suppressor for Swedish K

    I believe Tom Denall in Oregon made integral suppressors for the Swedish K in the past. I don't think he has a website, but the last contact info I saw for him was: Tom Denall - T.D. Manufacturing LLC Specialties: Class 2 P.O.Box 7919 Bend, OR 97708 Phone: (541) 389-6054 E-mail:
  5. People Are Not Buying Guns

    Another factor many people may not be taking into account is that in some states, having a concealed handgun permit/license exempts you from a NICS check, so if more people are getting such permits/licenses and buying guns, their purchases would not be reflected in the statistics...
  6. BOI - old subguns

    It is still there.
  7. What was your first major Machine Gun Shoot?

    The best MG shoot that I have been to for actual shooting(and also spectating)is the Big Sandy shoot in northwestern Arizona. However, you are pretty close to Knob Creek-so it might be easier/cheaper to go there, but the range is only around 100 yards-where Big Sandy is around 1000 yards-and you are shooting into a mountain-and there are a lot of explosive/reactive targets-not to mention the remote-controlled planes...
  8. NFA Lawyer

    Have your friend contact Sean Cody.
  9. NFA Lawyer

  10. Advice for first time Buyer please!

    The paperwork is the paperwork-no big deal at all. As long as you aren't a criminal or a crazy person, it should be no big deal. Generally, if you can pass a NICS check to buy a regular gun, you can pass the NFA background check. All of the guns mentioned are going to be expensive-with the STG-44 probably being the most expensive because they are not nearly as common as the others mentioned. Thompsons are easy to come by and can be had for around $20k. A Maxim or Vickers wouldn't be super expensive(Maxims are usually cheaper)-but there is a lot that goes into getting an old beltfed like that up and running and keeping it running-plus there is a lot of stuff that you have to take to the range with you. Maybe look into a Sterling-they are very smooth shooting guns and 9mm ammo is cheap-and they are historical. As for buying from out of state-it means an extra transfer and extra time-and possibly an extra $200 transfer tax if it is coming from an individual seller in another state-but the transfer process is basically the same-just with more transfers involved...
  11. The boards are back up-with no need to log in or register or anything. Just go to: and you can navigate to all of the boards you want from there...
  12. I have an older-style used Calico M950 pistol with a Simmons 4x scope on a factory scope mount. The pistol also has the light/laser mount over the barrel. It comes with 2 50-round magazines and 1 100-round magazine. The price is $775.00 delivered to your FFL.

    If you want to be extra safe, you can check the address at the ATF's FFL eZ Check site, but as mentioned, you can ship it wherever the FFL requests.
  14. Mr. Naess-these are the discussion forums-I think you need to post in the Buy & Sell Marketplace board(s)