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  1. I still have stick mags and drums available.
  2. I have a couple hundred of the plastic 30 round 9mm Uni-Clip stripper clips for use with 9mm Rapid Loaders and the original metal Swedish K stripper clip loader. These aren't as good as the original Swedish metal 36 round stripper clips, but they work well and are actually quite sturdy/robust. I am asking $.50 each plus shipping-the shipping will obviously vary based on the quantity ordered. I also have a TON of the Tec-9 Rapid Loaders. With a bit of modification with a file or a Dremel, these loaders can be made to work on the 36 round Suomi/Swedish K mags or Sterling mags. I am asking $5.00 each plus shipping for the loaders.
  3. Fightlight MCR bolt catch sucks

    I've never had a problem releasing the bolt using the catch in the 12 years I've owned my Shrike...
  4. Fightlight MCR bolt catch sucks

    I just got a DPMS Tactical bolt release and cut off the top and I have never had any problems using it to hold the bolt back when I was clearing stoppages...
  5. I have a pile of excellent condition Suomi 36rd stick mags and a bunch of 71rd Suomi drums in excellent condition. Most of the mags look unissued. I am asking $85 each delivered for the excellent condition drums and I am asking $20 + shipping for the 36rd stick mags. The only automated payment I am setup for is Zelle, so otherwise, you can send a check or money order.
  6. I have a HK33 barrel/front end complete with cocking tube and trunnion. The bore is excellent. This was from the Malaysian parts kits that came in back in the early 2000s before they banned barrel imports. Does NOT include the cocking tube end cap. I am asking $300.00 delivered.
  7. I have a like new in the box Sig/Hammerli Trailside .22lr pistol with 4.5" barrel and 1 magazine. I don't think I put even 50 rounds through this gun after I bought it brand new. After one trip to the range it went right into the safe and has sat there for the last 13 or so years.
  8. price lowered to $700.00 delivered.
  9. Sold

  10. Not so great pictures through the scope showing the reticle included for those who have asked.
  11. I have a used Enosa F day scope for sale as pictured for $500.00 delivered.