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  1. WTS/WTT: Vector Uzi, 9MM, 45, 22LR, $14,600

    BTT. Cash price added.
  2. WTS/WTT: Vector Uzi, 9MM, 45, 22LR, $14,600

    Still looking for an original WWII gun. Would be interested in a trade up to a Thompson or belt fed. Or perhaps down to a M2 or Reising. Would also consider one of the various and lesser known sub guns from the European theater.
  3. Updated 10/16/19 This Uzi is sitting at my dealer ready to transfer out on a Form 3. It's in very good condition with only minor wear showing where the cocking handle slides along the frame. This is a Vector registered Uzi on a Group Industries frame. The gun is in 9mm and included with are the following: Bolt and barrel for 22 LR Bolt and barrel for 45 ACP 5 - 20 Round 9mm Mags 1- 32 Round 9mm Mag 1- 16 Round 45 Mag 1- 22 Round 22 LR Mag 2 extra springs The 9mm configuration has been shot the most. The 45 and 22 set ups are practically unused. More pictures can be had on request. $14,600 delivered to your dealer. In the alternative, would still be interested in a trade for an original WWII gun. I have a 9mm Vector Uzi, very good condition - practically new, transferring into a dealer here in town. Hope to have it registered to them soon for a fast Form 3 transfer. Extra bolts and barrels for 45 ACP and 22 LR. 8 with a mixture between the three types. My interests run towards the WWII machine guns, and I would be interested in a trade if you have something of that nature. Even, up, or down. Throw me a proposal. ~Robert