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  1. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    Thank you for that explanation and the past value references..I really do appreciate the information.
  2. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    No, Its a semi. Still cool..But not wicked cool like a full auto.
  3. Vickers 303 Pricing advice..

    Hey there, Im Looking for some pricing advice, I've got a 1942 Australian Vickers 303 that was built into semi auto by U.S Ordnance quite some time back, I bought it from the original owner who never fired it, Ive run 50 rounds through it,gun is awesome, paint is mint, water jacket has no dents or marks, comes with original water can, tripod, correct water line, spare barrel, a box of belts(5) and a box of small parts, wood ammo can, ammo can side mount, etc..its a full set up. I have to sell it, my wife got sick and Im self employed, and insurance is bullshit these days, what kind of pricing should I be placing it out at? I had a gun shop in Phoenix tell me its only worth about 5k and then another one say 9-11k.. Im not familiar with this platform nor have I had much luck using search engines to find some guidelines on pricing this fairly. Any advice would be very appreciated.