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  1. WTB: Threaded barrel for Beretta 92FS 9mm

    Sir, thanks for the reply. Yes, I looked at Jarvis: lots of options / high quality / but also a very high end price I was hoping to find a "full sized" factory threaded barrel at a "more reasonable" price but they just seem to be in the "out of stock" category everywhere that I look. Gunbroker has LOTS of "compact" threaded barrels but no "full size" variants. Silencerco had a variant but they are "out of stock" so I have taken to calling random gun dealers who handle suppressors and mounts and I ask if they have any barrels in stock (i.e., not listed on their websites) but that has not yet proved useful. I will just keep on looking and maybe some kind soul on this board will find an extra one sitting on their parts bench..... Happy New Year!
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone, I am looking for a threaded barredl for a Beretta 92FS 9mm. Seems like every place I look says "out of stock". Does anyone have an idea who might have one available? Thanks in advance. Steve
  3. #500rd. lots of.308 FMJ ammo

    Sir, E-mail sent to your personal e-mail address concerning the 500 round lot of PPU .308 FMJ. Steve
  4. #500rd. lots of.308 FMJ ammo

    Sir, I will take the IMI Israeli .308. Private message sent. Steve
  5. Appreciate the folk that helped me find one of these pistols. Hopefully I will be able to help someone else on this board in the future ===== ======== Thanks for looking. I am trying to locate an HK VP40 Tactical pistol for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, SteveS
  6. Thanks for reading: I am looking for a tool that HKParts sells - but HKParts has been off the net for almost a month and they seem unwilling or unable to provide any date when they will return to selling parts. The tool is basically a pair of needle nose pliers with the tips of the pliers specifically ground to provide for more clearance during installation and removal of the trigger return spring in the HK series (USP, USPC, HK45, HK45C,P30 and VP9) of handguns. HKParts listed these for sale at $14.95 Does anyone know of an alternate source for this tool or does anyone have a pair for sale? Thank you in advance. SteveS