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  1. WTB. Mac10/9 or 45

    Will pay up to $7200!! Form 4 or 3. Thank you. Ryan

    On the UZI’s are there two consecutive serial numbers, Both for 18k? Thank you.
  3. Making a custom upper for a MG

    So what about if you have a M11a1 and you have a catastrophic failure and a side blows out? Since you have to weld, is it ok to add two inches to the lower so that it would accept M11/9 uppers? Of course the cut and reweld will not affect the serial number or any identifying marks? What is the sensus? Sorta of like turning Stens into sterlings or so on. Thoughts? Ty
  4. WTT: Mac M11a1 for sten

    Looking to trade a M11a1 for a Sten.
  5. WTT: CFW-A Bolt like new

    Wanting to trade a like new CFWA bolt for a LAGE Max11k
  6. WTB: CFW A Bolt 9mm

    Pm sent
  7. Wanting to trade a M11a1 with CFWa bolt custom upper, spare parts, Uzi side folding stock and magazines for an “UZI”. Will add cash!
  8. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Please read ad. Small magwell mags. Shockwave does not make small magwell mags. Still looking. Ty
  9. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

  10. WTB Sten MKII

    Looking for a Transferable MKII. Preferably form 3. $6300 Max. Thank you in advance.
  11. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

  12. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Still looking. Thank you.
  13. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Looking to buy M11a1 small magwell 380acp mags.
  14. WTB M11/380 Transferable

    Looking to buy a transferable M11/380. Small or large magwell. Pm what you have. Thank you.