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  1. WTS Stemple Suomi Package(LOOK!!)

    Pm sent, With offer.

    Thank you for the good deal. I’ll close this out. Thank you to all that replied.

    Title says it all. Looking to buy a Stemple Soumi. Ok what you have. Preferably a Form 3. Thank you.
  4. Wanted to buy a walther mpl or Mpk. I have plenty of mags so just a gun would be great. Pm what you have. Thank you for your help
  5. WTB. Reising M50

    Found one a few days ago. But thank you. Just waiting for the deal to go through before I close this. Thank you to all that replied.
  6. WTB. UZI 22 kit.

    Looking to buy a FA Uzi 22 kit. Pm me. Thx
  7. WTS. Pre-May Mp5 (Gem Mint)

    Nice Mp5, pm sent with offer!!!
  8. Does it come with stock and rear attachment. Ty
  9. Man have pre Mays skyrocketed in prices. I was just recently bidding on one on Gunbroker and was wayyyyy outbid. It’s at 16k plus. Looks like Side Arm SAMS is gonna win it!!!! I think pre Mays have almost doubled in the past 6 months!!! Crazy times ahead folks!!!
  10. WTS. HK53 Pre May ( Mint w/Extras)

    If buyer backs out, I’ll give you your original asking price of 14k. Please PM! Been looking for this for sometime. I’m a new SOT. Thank you.
  11. WTB. Reising M50

    I don’t do those sites but thank you for the heads up. Still looking.
  12. WTB. Reising M50

    Title says it all. Pm or email what you have. Need to be at $7500 or lower. Preferably lower. Thank you ladies and Gents!
  13. WTB. Premay machineguns

    Not looking for a Vw beetle ( way to heavy ) but thank you.
  14. WTB. Premay machineguns

    Sent you a few emails earlier but no replys.
  15. WTB. Premay machineguns

    Pm what you have. Thank you folks.