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  1. WTT: Mac M11a1 for sten

    Looking to trade a M11a1 for a Sten.
  2. WTT: CFW-A Bolt like new

    Wanting to trade a like new CFWA bolt for a LAGE Max11k
  3. WTB: CFW A Bolt 9mm

    Pm sent
  4. Wanting to trade a M11a1 with CFWa bolt custom upper, spare parts, Uzi side folding stock and magazines for an “UZI”. Will add cash!
  5. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Please read ad. Small magwell mags. Shockwave does not make small magwell mags. Still looking. Ty
  6. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

  7. WTB Sten MKII

    Looking for a Transferable MKII. Preferably form 3. $6300 Max. Thank you in advance.
  8. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

  9. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Still looking. Thank you.
  10. WTB: M11a1 380acp Mags.

    Looking to buy M11a1 small magwell 380acp mags.
  11. WTB M11/380 Transferable

    Looking to buy a transferable M11/380. Small or large magwell. Pm what you have. Thank you.