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  1. WTB: Vollmer 21

    Looking for a Vollmer 21. Condition doesn’t matter. Thanks.
  2. WTB: Volmer HK21

    Anyone have a semi-auto Volmer they’re looking to sell?
  3. WTB: HK94

    Looking for a fixer-upper that I can use for a conversion build. Any date code is fine.
  4. WTS H&K MP5'S

    I see the sear has sold, I’m interested in another sear if able/willing to separate from any host guns.
  5. Thanks, that’s helpful. I have HK machine guns but I’m not clear how the DIAS works vs a RR M16. I assume it just converts the semi auto selector to be safe, full auto. Is that correct? Is there a way to put a selector for safe, semi, full in a lower with a DIAS? I assume you can get lowers marked safe, semi, full in today’s market and just drop the DIAS in?
  6. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    I’m interested in a forged M16 lower, forged HK sear, or perhaps an M11/9. Sending some PMs
  7. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    I did pickup the SP89 I wanted. Still looking for an HK94.
  8. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

  9. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    PM sent.
  10. HK SP89 TSC MP5K-N conversion

    Is this still available? I also missed whether this is an SBR or it is still registered as a pistol.
  11. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    Looking for an SP89 and an HK94 for sale. Condition doesn’t really matter. Please PM me if you have either available. Thanks!
  12. WTB HK93A3

    Looking for a fair condition HK93 with A3 stock. Anyone have one available for sale?
  13. HK reduction time 91,93, SR9

    Interested in the HK91 black furniture and the HK93 A3. Sending PM