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  1. WTS H&K MP5'S

    I see the sear has sold, I’m interested in another sear if able/willing to separate from any host guns.
  2. Thanks, that’s helpful. I have HK machine guns but I’m not clear how the DIAS works vs a RR M16. I assume it just converts the semi auto selector to be safe, full auto. Is that correct? Is there a way to put a selector for safe, semi, full in a lower with a DIAS? I assume you can get lowers marked safe, semi, full in today’s market and just drop the DIAS in?
  3. WTS/WTT crypto currency for machine guns

    I’m interested in a forged M16 lower, forged HK sear, or perhaps an M11/9. Sending some PMs
  4. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    I did pickup the SP89 I wanted. Still looking for an HK94.
  5. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

  6. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    PM sent.
  7. HK SP89 TSC MP5K-N conversion

    Is this still available? I also missed whether this is an SBR or it is still registered as a pistol.
  8. WTB: HK SP89 and HK94

    Looking for an SP89 and an HK94 for sale. Condition doesn’t really matter. Please PM me if you have either available. Thanks!
  9. WTB HK93A3

    Looking for a fair condition HK93 with A3 stock. Anyone have one available for sale?
  10. HK reduction time 91,93, SR9

    Interested in the HK91 black furniture and the HK93 A3. Sending PM
  11. WTB: HK93

    Looking to buy an HK93 that doesn’t say SACO on the right side. Any condition is fine as long as the receiver is fine without a re-weld. Anyone have one available?
  12. WTB - HK Auto sear

    Got one! Thanks to all who replied.
  13. WTB HK93

    Looking for an HK93 (semi shelf gun) in good condition. Preferably with a bi-pod and a couple mags.