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  1. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    What adaptor is required for those on an HK91 22LR kit? The A&D Enterprises one? They seem hard to find.
  2. AM180 Adapter for G3/HK91 or M11/9

    Following. I’m interested in the adapter and drum mags for the 22lr conversion kit as well.
  3. WTB MP5A3 SBR host gun

    Thanks Ben. Please post a pic of it with “Scott” on a piece of paper next to it.
  4. MP5-N SBR Host for sear 5999, Murray Urbach

    Interested if still available.
  5. WTB MP5A3 SBR host gun

    Already have a sear on the way. Looking for a genuine MP5A3 host gun if there are any for sale out there please reach out.
  6. WTB - HK Auto sear

    Preferably in an ambi 4 position pack but open to SEF as well. Anyone have one available? I’m partial toward Fleming.