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  1. Hello guys, I have one question regarding to shooting semi-auto handgun. Me and my two friends talked about movies and how they filming certain scenes. One of them told me:that it's possible to load M9 without racking slide back or using slide release -just to put magazine in and shoot. Since i haven't got any real experience with real firearms,only few airsoft replicas,I told him I'll ask you guys is it possible? I saw it too,in some B movies,guys just unholster their M9 and shoot half of magazine,and then eject them before slide lock after last round,and then put another magazine and keep shooting. I'm a bit confused how is that possible because the M9 have single action before first round,and then all other rounds are double action,or that's how i heard. Every comment is welcome!
  2. Parkerizing

    Is there anyone doing parkerizing of firearms for a reasonable price in the Spokane area? I'd rather not have to deal with shipping a gun to have it refinished, but I will if its what I have to do to get quality work. Thanks.