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  1. WTB/WTT mg81 or 81z parts

    I am looking or anything original. I need to set a feed trays left and right and future issues I need a cold flash either I need a nice set of barrel jackets and then any other accessories or spare parts you may have laying around I do have some parts to trade.I have extra horns small parts small bowl parts extractors etc. see her back in isms grips and screws tup covers. I would be interested in original German links as well as I ammo cans.I do have a U-boat know as well as an aircraft bought both complete with all the parts except the leather on the aircraft bought has deteriorated and we need to be replaced. please contact me with what ever you may have, I am open to trades and out right purchase as well as selling some of my spare stuff but at this time the most important parts are the left and right feed tray. Thank you for your time you can call me day or night text is best Anthony
  2. WTB/WTT For MG81/MG81Z WW2 8 MM Items...

    i am looking for mg81 or 81z parts, i have some extra parts to trade including some extra feed horns and small parts for this top covers barrel jackets etc. I'm looking for feed tray is in the tray shoots for both left and right guns a cone flash I did I said a barrel jackets, I am also looking for any other original spare parts or accessories I do have a few extra anti-aircraft spiders and posts with the mounts as well as some other small parts grips grips screws but please get in touch with me my phone number is 8504 to 6 3046 call or text anytime thank you
  3. Is the hardware included? Or is it just the bare stock? Do u also have the upper and lower handguards?
  4. WTS: HK G36K and G36C Parts Kit

    Besides the receiver. What else is cut up?
  5. WTS: HK G36K and G36C Parts Kit

    Atevthe barrels complete?; besides the receiver what wlaw is cut