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  1. New style part No. 228 339 in new or used condition.
  2. WTB first gen serial numbered Colt Thompson 50 round L drum email: Thanks
  3. WTB Original Colt 1928 Navy Actuator

    Colt 1928 Parts. Either a 2-piece weighted actuator or a one-piece. Prefer 1st variation (2-piece) or 2nd variation (one piece with pear shaped cocking knob).
  4. Looking for original Colt 2-piece or solid actuator in good condition for Colt Model of 1928 - U.S. Navy Thompson sub machine gun.
  5. Couldn't figure out how to remove the original listing, other than selecting the "Sold" option. I decided to hang on to this one for now.
  6. Sterling MK4 built on Sterling DLO tube by Andrewski in excellent condition. Runs flawlessly. On Form 4 in Texas. Form 4 lists Douglas L. Oefinger, Stamford, CT as manufacturer and Sterling MK4 as the model. I don't have any documentation from Andrewski but I called him on 11 November 2010. He looked in his book and confirmed he made this DLO Sterling for a Class III dealer in Texas in 2003. Will include 3 as new mags and an Australian style canvas mag pouch with the sale. Price $17,500. 100% funds starts transfer paperwork. Buyer to pay NFA stamps, shipping & insurance.
  7. WTS - MKV - 9mm - Suppressor & SMG built on virgin DLO tube by Andy at KBG Armament - in Excellent condition. This is a 2 stamp gun (one for SMG and one for the Suppressor) on Form 4's in Texas. Built with mount for included Docter Red Dot sight. 100% payment starts paperwork. $23,000 + stamps, shipping and insurance. YouTube Video:
  8. WTB: Pre-86 Dealer Samples

    I have 1 Pre-May SMG. It's a real safe queen - a Mini Uzi, serial Number "MUAA03" with its original Samsonite briefcase, all in excellent condition. I believe 5 of these were imported by Action Arms for use as demos for the Secret Service. I might consider selling it at the right price. The bottom of the receiver is marked as follows with no serial number: ACTION ARMS, LTD PHILA PA IMI ISRAEL The side of the receiver is marked: MINI UZI 9mm PARA
  9. WTB Sterling Mk4

    Are you still looking for a Sterling MKIV? I have one on a Form 4 in Texas for $16,300. Form 4 shows manufacturer as DLO. I called Stan Andrewski in November 2011 and he advised he built it in 2003 for a Class III dealer in Texas. Best regards, Mark