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  1. WTB Transferable Minigun

    Bump to the top
  2. WTB Transferable Minigun

    Bump back to the top!
  3. WTB MKB 42

    Looking for a fully transferable Walter or Haenel MKB 42 on either a form 4 or 3. Cash in hand ready to go for the right weapon.
  4. WTB M60 Rail Set

    Found thanks again.
  5. WTB M60 Rail Set

  6. Looking for a transferable minigun. Either on a form 4 or 3 is fine, but must allow for in person inspection. Please PM with what you have. Serious sellers only.
  7. WTB M60 Rail Set

    Hello, I am looking for a set of full auto m60 rails that are ready to rivet together, no warping or drilling rivet holes, etc. Cash in hand ready to go, need them ASAP.
  8. Hello, looking for a minigun clutch setup. Please PM with what you have.