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  1. Only 6 of the Type 1's made from 4140 left. I still have a few Type 1's made from O1 and a few of the Type 2's made from 4140.
  2. ***Limited time price drop!! Second time buyers can take an additional $10 off for each trip up to the same number of trips you bought in the past. For instance, if you bought 3, you can have $30 off.*** I have some AR15 RDIAS (drop in auto sear) replacement paddles/trips for sale. There are two different styles. The Type 2 is made out of 4140, and there are Type 1's made out of 4140 and some made out of O1. The Type 1 and 2 trips made from 4140 are $49.25 shipped, and the Type 1 trips made from O1 are $59.25 shipped. If buying multiples, I will offer a discount. Both types have a retaining hole for 1/8" retaining pins. Each trip comes with a new spring. I accept PayPal F&F, or Pay Pal goods and services if you pay an extra 3.5% to cover the fee, or USPS MO. Shipping is first class, and you will receive a tracking number. Payment must be made or mailed 48 hours after claim. I have buyer/seller feedback on several different forums and on GB (username Monk3ydo). Type 1 (4140 steel) Type 2 (4140 steel) Type 1 (O1 steel)