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  1. TTT I'm out of the O1 tool steel Type 2's, but I have a few more of the Type 2's made from 4140 steel left.
  2. Looking for a BCM or Diemaco tri-rail (rail that attaches to front sight post).
  3. Looking for a new 14.5” Colt Socom barrel, preferably not pin and welded.
  4. TTT. Now including a retaining pin with each trip.
  5. I have some AR15 RDIAS (drop in auto sear) replacement paddles/trips for sale. There are three different styles based on the 3 most common types of drop in auto sear paddles. To make things simple, I'll list them simply as Type 1, Type 2 (SOLD OUT but do have Type 2 in 4140 steel), and Type 3 paddles/trips. All are made from O1 tool steel. These have not yet been hardened. Although it's not absolutely necessary to harden these trips, I've left this step up to the buyer due to the fact that all DIAS's and their intended receivers are different, and some filing "may" (not likely) need to be done to time the DIAS correctly. I include instructions on how to check timing, make timing changes, and how to harden afterwards. All 3 types have a retaining hole for 1/8" retaining pins. Each trip comes with a new spring and retaining pin. Price per trip is $55. Shipping is $4.25. Please note that the Type 2 trip will not come with a rounded arm as shown in the pic unless you specifically ask that I bevel (round) the arm. Also, I will be on vacation from Jul 30 - Aug 2. I won't be able to ship until I return, but I will ship priority as soon as I return. I accept Google Pay, cash, or MO. Shipping is first class, and you will receive a tracking number. Payment must be made or mailed 48 hours after claim. I have buyer/seller feedback on several different forums and on GB (username Monk3ydo). Type 1: Type 2: (SOLD OUT but do have some left made from 4140 steel) Type 3:
  6. TTT I'm out of Type 1's made from 4140. I have 5 more Type 2's made from 4140, and a few Type 1's made from O1 left.