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  1. Transferable FN FNC Package for sale

    Bump No, the spares are not for sale by themselves.
  2. Transferable FN FNC Package for sale

  3. I have a TBA Built FA FNC package for sale, this package will give you plenty of spares to keep the gun running indefinitely. I had TBA build this gun from a new unfired HOWCO semi-auto FNC and transferable S&H sear. The options from TBA are: -adjustable gas block -quadrail -3 round burst kit -left and right side pictograms -14" Green Mountain 1/7 twist barrel -Burnt Bronze Cerakote -Ambi safety The gun additionally has: -AK5 charging handle -Storm Werkz top rail and ar stock adapter -PWS buffer tube and ratcheting castle nut -BCM Gun Fighter stock -FAB Defense grip -Rugged flash hider The package will include: -HOWCO 16" upper receiver (includes gas tube and flash hider) -Gun South 18" upper and lower receiver, it a complete gun minus bolt carrier, bolt, and cleaning kit- this has very little wear -complete carrier group; carrier, bolt, and firing pin- this has almost no wear Also, have additional spares/parts: -Ace stock x2- 7.5" black and 8.5" burnt bronze -Ace folding stock mechanism -TBA stock adapter -gas tube-like new -14" 1/12 twist barrel -handguards- NOS -original grip with cleaning kit -return spring assembly with plastic buffer- NOS -charging handle -complete dust cover assembly- NOS -x2 firing pin -x2 firing pin springs -ejector, plunger, spring -ejector with a plunger -sling swivel -safety selector drum assembly -semi safety retaining plate -hammer pawl and spring -FNC multi-tool -FNC metal mag -FNC manual The gun is on a form 4 in Ohio and the package price is $27,250.00; I can accept cash, bank wire, cashier's check, or postal money order. I will cover the first transfer out of state or in-state transfer. All funds must clear before any transfer is started. I have more pictures and am willing to take more pictures of specific things if you would like. You can email me at with any questions.