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  1. WTB front sight for a Swedish K Port Said SMG.

    Thanks for the reply Scott. Yes I do need the retainer. Basically I purchased the gun with just a threaded hole for the front sight post to mount into. I suppose the sight post pictured above screws through the spring steel retainer?
  2. WTB Colt M16A1 Gov Marked

    I have a M16A2 new in the box PROPERTY OF US GOVT M16A2 I would consider selling. It is a rifle...Safe...Fire...Burst. There are not a lot of these that I have seen. It is definitely a collector gun and not a shooter. If you are interested please email These guns were left over from government purchases by agencies that did not put them all into service and then auctioned them to the public when they changed to M4's. Needless to say "the public" was a few insiders who snatched them up add sat on them until the price doubled.
  3. I bought the gun from pictures on the internet and I missed the fact that the front sight is missing. Thanks
  4. WTB lage max-31A Mk2 upper for m11a1 380

    I bought a group of uppers for the m11A1 380 Mac from Lage and may have an extra that is not sold. It is new. If you are still looking email me at