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  1. WTB: HK21E Belt Box

    Would also be willing to trade my new in wrapper HK23E Belt Box for a HK21E belt box, I will add 200$ in addition..
  2. WTB: Steyr AUG optic tube

    What a terrible thing these AUG being chopped up.. Du you have the adjustment knobs then as well? I would not mind getting both but depending on what you want for them?
  3. WTB: Steyr AUG optic tube

    Howdy! Not sure, a hundred dollar something.. Thats what I have seen them go for in them past. The condition as mentioned is important for me. Does is have the classic donut only reticle or something else?
  4. WTB: Steyr AUG optic tube

    Looking to buy one or two of these optic tubes that goes into the A1 or A2 receiver housing. Only clear optics with no scratches on the lenses are of interest.
  5. WTB: HK21E Belt Box

    Looking to buy a HK21E belt box, Original German. Condition has to be new or like new. Looking to pay $600 for one.
  6. WTB: Black Steyr AUG / 9mm Stock

    Looking for a new or like new black AUG 9mm FA stock for my collection. Please send me a PM with details and pictures..
  7. WTB: Steyr AUG A2 Optic

    No longer looking for the AUG A2 housing with included optic but is instead looking for only the generic optical tube if it has the: -Circle only (A1) or -Circle dot or -Circle Crosshair & Crosshair
  8. WTB: Steyr AUG A2 Optic

    Looks good just sent you a PM with with a few questions. Thanks!
  9. WTB: Steyr AUG A2 Optic

    I like to buy the removable A2 housing with optic in it for the Steyr AUG A2 Receiver. Please send me a PM on price and pictures. Thanks!