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  1. I received your email and replied. Thanks, Charles @ Viking Arms
  2. Can you post a pic? Country of origin? I might be interested in them all. Thanks.
  3. Aftermarket stock for Ruer AC-556?

    I've got an ATI side folding stock set that's been modded for a Ruger AC 556. I have it on gunbroker for pretty cheap. It's a crudely done one. It was done by the previous owner of the gun I bought and came with the gun as an extra. I sold the gun and the original stock set and have this one left over. I test fired the gun with the ATI stock and it worked without any problems. Here's the stock set if you want to look at it Charles @Viking Arms
  4. M16s come down some - Morphy Auction today

    Where can you see the results of the Morphy Auction?
  5. M60, Maremont, Like New

    Out of curiosity did this come from Kentucky?
  6. Is the subguns boards down

    Yeah I tried logging in had to reset password as it wouldn't accept the old one. Never received any email to do that. I'm kinda done with it at this point. It was a good run while it lasted. But the new NFA section sucks and I can't access the message boards. I can understand requiring a log in to post but you can't even lurk and just read the posts anymore. Charles@Viking Arms Aka SolothurnATv2
  7. Anyone heard from Bill Fleming?

    Anyone have any contact info for him? I bought a gun he converted and wanted to ask him some questions about it.