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  1. I don't think AOC is stamped on it. What does that mean? I have agreed on a price and received payment. We are awaiting the paperwork to go through. The sale is complete pending a paperwork failure. Andy
  2. Thanks Hopalong. I love the history of these guns almost as much as the guns themselves. It's fun (and sometimes haunting) to think of where they have been and what they have gone through. Truly living history.
  3. Price lowered again: now $18,750.
  4. Returning a WW2 gun to the family?

    Thanks guys. Guess I'm a bit naive on some of this stuff. Good idea but impossible to implement? Andy
  5. Price lowered: Now $18,999
  6. Hello all! I have a Luger that a family friend took from the German officer he shot. The gun haunted him and it ended up in our family and now I have it. I've often wondered - is there any way to try and locate the descendants or family of the soldier who it was issued to and return it to them? Obviously shipping a handgun to Germany will be a challenge, but if I can find the family perhaps there is a way. Has anyone run into a good database to locate weapons assignments to WW2 German soldiers? Any other ideas on what to do with it? I don't mind keeping it but if there is a higher use or a museum that could use it I'd be happy to donate it. Thanks, Andy
  7. It is 737328 on the ATF form 5.
  8. Yes. I'm not entirely sure what that means other than I think it was re-armored by the military (perhaps after coming back from lend lease?) and they didn't match serial numbers when they put them back together. For some reason I can't add more pictures to the post. Email me if you want more pics. I have one showing the serial number on the bottom of the receiver. Andy
  9. Receiver No: 536777 US Property marking behind the rear sight Thompson logo in front of the rear sight P on the barrel top at the rear. Trying to upload pics but getting errors. Andy
  10. C&R Thompson M1A1, serial number 737328. On Form 5 Very good condition. Runs flawlessly. Price includes shipping to your SOT or -03 ffl. 3-day non-firing inspection period allowed and if not as advertised, you can return for full refund of purchase price, minus shipping cost (you pay return shipping and insurance). Following accessories are included: 3x30 round mags The Thompson is from my father’s estate. He was a serious collector and this Thompson was one of his favorite pieces. $20,000, $18,750 USPS Registered Mail shipping included. 50% down will get paperwork going, balance due prior to shipping. Funds must clear prior to shipping. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at PoormanaREMOVETHIS@hotmail.com. Additional pics on request. I noticed after taking the pictures there is a small "S" stamped into the back of the fore-grip back near the mag slot. I can Facetime with you to show you the gun if you like. Full price offer gets the three Thompson books thrown in. First definite “I’ll take it” gets it. Not interested in trades at this time. Andrew Poorman Portland, Oregon