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  1. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Anyone knows how much the sig 550 case deflector is worth if it was available to buy?
  2. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Thanks! Also, on the reciever of my rifle, it says .223. It can handle 5.56 too right?
  3. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Thanks guys. So I'm assuming swapping out the 14.3" barrel + extension to the 16" long barrel is not worth it and devalues the rifle?
  4. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    I'm a LE officer in upstate NY so that's why I can own the sig 551. But my sig 551 has the extension from Mike Otto so thats why it doesnt need to be sbr since it's over 16". Therefore that's why I'm asking if it's worth putting the long barrel on because I like the way it looks but wasnt sure if switching out the original barrel+extension hurts the rifles originality. Also what's the reason for getting the LB with the gas block on it? Easier swap? Forget to ask, does sigs 551/550 with LE markings worth less than ones without? It seems like people want the ones without LE markings.
  5. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Also, does anyone know if it's worth to swap out the 14.3 inch barrel with extension to a 16" long barrel? I really want to do it because I like the look of it. But I was wondering does it devalue the rifle in anyway and if anyone knows how much to swap out barrel? I know Estes or Mike Otto are the guys to do it but just wanted to see if anyone had experience doing that and if it's going to cost an arm and leg/ worth it.
  6. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Oh I didnt know that they were called Meili case! But yes, that's what i was looking for!!! And yes, looking for that cheek riser as well! As for the other accessories, I have never even seen or heard of them! Sight adjustment tool, clip on brass deflector, bolt carrier box....I haven't even seen them and I'm guessing it's rare that people sell those too huh?
  7. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Hey Mongo. I'm planning to switch out to a 551 Long Barrel so that's why I'm looking for the bayonet lug.
  8. WTB Sig 551/550 accessories

    Hi everyone, I just recently got my hands on a swiss sig 551-2 sp swat and am looking for the following swiss accessories. Please see below. - Original black sig 551 sling (with hook) - Swiss Sig bayonet lug - Swiss cheekrest/riser - Swiss under pictanny rail (for bottom of sig 551 handguard) - Swiss 20 or 30 mags with Law Enforcement marks (in very good to excellent conditions) - Sig 550/551 hardcase (small or medium size) Please PM me the condition and price and I'll text you back asap. Thanks!