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  1. I’ll take both.
  2. Testing the water

    <iframe src="" width="266" height="480" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
  3. If it falls through, I will take it.
  4. Photos from Page 178 and 240 in The Smith & Wesson Model 76 Submachine Gun book by Frank Iannamico show a S&W Model 76 sear identical to the top sear in your photograph. So my guess would be that the lower one maybe for the MK760.
  5. MK 760 Need Auto sear.

    Can you post a picture of how yours failed for those of us that are curious. Might want to check with Richard at BWE Firearms.
  6. Smith & Wesson S&W 76 9MM SMG EXCELLENT!

    Per our e-mail exchange today, I’ll take it. Thanks.
  7. WTS NORRELL 10/22 16,000

    That Norrell Trigger pack is just screaming to escape from it’s hideous surroundings. Imagine how sweet that would be in a Ruger Backpacker with a threaded barrel.

    PM sent on the ATTICA STATE PRISON S&W 76
  9. Would like to purchase a machine gun which is on a Form 4 in a different state with an individual who has his FFL/SOT. C&R machine gun, I do not currently hold a C&R. My preference would be to get the machine gun on our families Gun Trust. Believe there are two options. 1. Two Form 4’s which would transfer the gun to my FFL at some point. Would the out of state FFL be able to immediately ship the machine gun to my FFL without having to wait on the first Form 4 approval? Who does this first Form 4 make the owner? (My FFL?). Out of State FFL —> My FFL —> Gun Trust 2. FFL —> Individual (Me) with C&R after Form 4 approval to transfer gun to me. Then later on I could move it to Gun Trust with additional tax stamp if desired. I currently do not have my C&R but will be mailing the application this weekend if I am able to get finger prints, which I believe I can. I assume each option would have different amounts of wait time, would option 2 be faster? Can anyone please explain my options.
  10. I contacted the ATF and they confirmed jbntex has been correct, and the firearm can be transferred FFL/SOT to FFL/SOT on Form 3. This is not to imply legal guidance for all and I encourage everyone to contact the ATF themselves with their particular questions. The ATF answered the phone after three rings answering all of my questions. They were very helpful. Since my goal was to get the firearm on our gun trust, going FFL/SOT —> FFL/SOT on Form 3 and then Form 4 to Gun Trust is the best route.
  11. My reading of the ATF NFA Handbook leads me to believe jbntex’s assessment is correct. My knowledge is limited and I am open to correction of my interpretation if you see an error in this assessment, This seems to be the correct process: ”So it would be Out of State FFL/SOT -> Form 3 to your FFL/SOT -> Tax Paid Form 4 to your Gun Trust.” 1. The party I am purchasing the NFA item from is an FFL/SOT 2. My local dealer is an FFL/SOT 3. 9.4.1 states a Form 3 is used for transfer between FFL/SOT to FFL/SOT 4. 9.4.2 lists three instances in which a Form 4 is to be used. In each instance a nonFFL/SOT is one of the parties. 5. In no instance does it make a distinction as to how the current FFL/SOT acquired the weapon, be it on Form 3 or Form 4. ATF National Firearms Act Handbook Chapter 9 Transfer of NFA Firearms Section 9.4 ATF forms for use in transferring NFA firearms 9.4.1 ATF Form 3. Transfers by FFLs/SOTs to other FFLs/SOTs require the filing of ATF Forms 3, Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of a Firearm, to register firearms to the transferees.166 See also Section Appendix C contains a copy of the form. In these transactions, transferors have no liability for the transfer tax. As previously stated, Forms 3 must be approved by ATF before transfers may be made. 9.4.2 ATF Form 4. Forms 4, Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of a Firearm, are for use in transferring serviceable NFA firearms in the following instances: transfers by non-FFLs/SOTs to other such persons; transfers by non-FFLs/SOTs to FFLs/SOTs; and transfers by FFLs/SOTs to nonFFLs/SOTs.167 Appendix C contains a copy of the form. See also Sections through These transfers are subject to the NFA transfer tax, so the forms must be accompanied by the appropriate tax payment. Forms 4 transferring firearms to individuals other than FFLs/SOTs must also be accompanied by transferees’ fingerprints and photographs on FBI Forms FD-258. If the individual’s receipt or possession of the firearm would violate Federal, State, or local law, the form would be disapproved. In addition, an individual transferee must have an appropriate law enforcement official execute the certification on the form.168 See Section 9.8 for more information on law enforcement certifications. Forms 4 must be approved by ATF before the transfers may be made. The completed Form 4, in duplicate, with fingerprint cards, photographs of the transferee, and payment of the applicable transfer tax should be mailed to: National Firearms Act Branch Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives P.O. Box 530298 Atlanta, GA 30353-0298 Payment of the transfer tax is to be in the form of a check or money order payable to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  12. Smith & Wesson 76 C&R

    I’ll take the Smith & Wesson 76.
  13. Smith & Wesson 76 C&R

    Killed in the explosion Dec. 10, 1993, were Master Sgt. Roy Starszak, 57; Master Sgt. James Schlicht, 41; Technical Sgt. James Russell, 33; Technical Sgt. Michael Heath, 32; Technical Sgt. Russell Shurr, 35; and Staff Sgt. Patrick Foran, 31.
  14. Is this a registered receiver or registered bolt?